Monday, June 29, 2015

Ashley's Bridal Shower

It's finally here…..Ashley's Bridal Shower!!!!!!
Here is the beautiful Bride to Be :)

When the guests arrived there was a banner that Kristy and I had made to Welcome them all.

On the entrance table there was the guest book for them to sign and the dress form to put their cards in.
See all those tiny flowers on the dress form…yup, those are the thousands of little flowers that took me and my girls days to make….but I will get more into that in another post ;)

Look, even Marilyn made an appearance :)
If you want to know more about "Marilyn" just click on her name :)

How we set up the guest's tables.
We added some pretty wedding themed sequins to the table…as pretty as they were, they were a mess to clean up at the end of the Shower, lol.

Here is how we set up the food and beverage tables…with another banner that Kristy and I made :)
Even though I had made 3 large bags of tissue paper flowers….we could have even used more.

Now isn't this adorable!!!!
Kristy made a dress form cupcake cake.
She the theme of the shower now ;)
Not only is it so pretty, it tasted delicious with her butter cream icing she made.

What is a shower without a few games.
Ashley's maid of honour was in charge of the games and she did a great job.
This game was Guess the Bride's Age….Kristy gathered up photos of Ashley through the years and the guests had to guess her age.
Ashley played along and here she is guessing her age, while Lia is telling her, her correct age.
Funny thing was…..Ashley didn't do to good, lol.
There was one photo of Ashley from college and some of the guests thought she was 10, 8 and I think we even had a guess for 6 yrs of age, lol.

I put up a photo wall and brought my big boy camera along.
We took many photos and I am so happy with how it turned out :)
Here is the Bridal party….such pretty girls.

Me and my beautiful daughters :)

And of course I had to get one of just my girls… them so much :)

I think the Bridal Shower was a hit, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
So much prep, for such a short time…..but it was well worth it and I think everything turned out beautifully :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day.

Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous pictures, yummy looking cupcakes, You did an awesome job on decorating it looks like a great time was had by all.

  2. Everything looks beautiful, Tracy, and beautiful pictures of you and your girls!

  3. liebe tracy, danke für deine wundervollen bilder mit den herrlichen ist zu sehen, dass ihr alle viel freude hattet....
    liebe grüsse....

    1. Here is Ruth's comment:Love Tracy , thank you for your wonderful images with gorgeous silk roses .... it is to see that you all had a lot of fun ....
      Kind regards ....
      ruth..chen ;-) )

  4. What a beautiful bride-to-be! Looks like a lovely shower.
    Thanks for sharing the pics! :o)

  5. What a gorgeous bride-to-be Ashley is!! The decorations look amazing!! I love those tissue paper flowers!! And beautiful pictures of you and your girls!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. You did a great job on the decorations!! Looks like everyone had a great time. Great pictures!! Congrats to the Bride-to-Be!!!

  7. Tracy - what a fabulous shower! Just beautiful :)

  8. You look like you could be your daughter's sister & you all are so stunning! I can't wait to see what a beautiful bride she'll be.

    You guys did an amazing job on the cupcakes & decorations & I would expect no less. ;) Decorations always seem like you've made waaaay too many when you're making them, only to realize you could have made more, but you were so "over" making them as it was. Lol

  9. Oh this is fabulous and you did an amazing job with those wonderful decorations. Kristy's cakes look delicious!

  10. What a fun time! Love that dress form with all of those tiny flowers and Kristy's cupcakes look amazing!

  11. How pretty and what a great time you all had. I love the dress form at a deco idea and the cupcakes. So lovely and creative and fun.

  12. Everything looks beautifully done. Love the cake and all the decorations!

  13. Everything looks beautifully done. Love the cake and all the decorations!

  14. Beautiful decorations Tracy! Your daughters are gorgeous!

  15. It all looks beautiful. You worked hard and it was worth it, I'm sure. Everyone and everything looked lovely. I particularly like the cupcakes arranged like a dress.


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