Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fear is in the Air

Blogger out of commission for the evening due to
Fear of the Walking Dead marathon ;)

We started to close up camp this weekend :(
Next week we will finish closing up for the season :(

I hope you all have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your FTWD marathon, Tracy! I haven't seen any more than the premiere, but I did just see the trailer for TWD and man, it looks good!

  2. Lol, you're funny. Gosh, that seems early this year to close up camp I mean.

  3. Not a big walking dead fan, I prefer comedy and the csi/ncis shows. Always a sad time to close the cottage we drag ours out until Thanksgiving, unless the weather turns.

  4. I am a week behind on the show - it is on the PVR waiting till young ones are in bed ... trailer is in driveway waiting to be cleaned and put away !! Boo

  5. So sad it is time to close up camp for the winter!!!


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