Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Book Review "Haunted"

I have to admit, I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up with my goal of reading a novel a month.
I think this may be the only goal that I have been consistent with.
I may grab a book at the last minute, but I still get it read before month end.
I actually finished this book last night.

My thoughts on this book...
It is a good story, I enjoyed the parts of the ghost making ita appearances and trying to figure out who the ghost was.
What I didn't care for was the romance part of the book.
I am not one to read about romance where the main characters dislike each other, then fall so hard for each other..then question if they are right for each other..blah blah blah, lol.
Give me some a hot and heavy love affair and maybe, lol.
I was also put off by the authors obsession with everyone's height?!?
But honestly, it was a good quick read.

Look at our baby, teehee.
Luna is enjoying herself in Sawyer's playpen.  

I am actually surprised that she didn't jump in there when we first got it.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get to my layouts and maybe make a page or two.
I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Good for you keeping up the reading, mine fell by the wayside with a very boring book. Super cute picture of Luna.

  2. Thanks for the review. Sometimes I just want a good, quick read. I'll add this to my list.

  3. Thanks for the review! I am actually a fan of her work but haven't read this one. Although I have to agree with your take on romance. That would probably drive me a little crazy! But it's summer break and I like good fast reads for this time of year :)

  4. Ms Luna does look quite at home in the cot. Thanks for book referral, I'll try the library.

  5. Luna looks right at home. LOL! I'll have to check out this book. Thank you for the review. :)

  6. I am currently reading another series of books. These are by Dale Mayer Psyhic Visions series. Currently on book 7 of the series. Really good reads and some keep you guessing right till end :-) Thanks for sharing your reviews :-)

  7. P.S I use the Fantastic Fiction website to search up authors, and find it really useful. Also some authors give their favourite reads too :-) here's the link


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