Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Mother's Day

Any day with these beautiful girls of mine is the best day :)
We celebrated Mother's day on the Saturday.
With Ashley being a mother now herself, we celebrated the day before so she could enjoy her 1st Mother's Day with her husband and son.
My girls and I enjoyed a nice walk around the neighbourhood.

I enjoyed feeding Sawyer his first veggies.
His Grandma Karen fed it to him the day before and the poor little guy hated them...he actually cried and gagged the first time he ate them, lol.
He was better this time, but he still wasn't loving them.

Sunday morning I woke up to this sweet text from Ashley since we didn't see each other on Mother's Day.

Spending the day with my family was all I wanted, but as always they spoiled me :)
I received this beautiful card, a gift card for Michael's (this will help with my no spend on craft supplies challenge).
They bought me a Doxie photo scanner..which I received early.
And my grandson and son-in-law gave me this precious mug <3 p="">

Later on we went out for ice-cream. banana strawberry...yum.
I usually get a kids size cone, but this time I got a small and ate it all, lol.

How did you celebrate your Mother's Day?

Tracy :)

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