Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Girls May Long 2017

Every year on the May Long Weekend, my daughters and I spend it at my SIL Sharon's camp.
Sharon and I usually go up a day or so early...the benefits of being retired :)

My daughter's came up the next day and brought laughter and Chinese food :)

One big change this year was we had a boy at the camp.
Sawyer...and we enjoyed every second with him.
I loved spending so much time with him.
He loves to snuggle in his blankie.

Ashley taught Sawyer a new trick.
He is so clever, teehee.

The girls enjoyed a few walks in between the rain.

We also had a weekend full of junk food...and plenty of pop for me ;)

And we created a lot!!
Last year we started a paint day.
Kristy picked this image and we all did a great job in re-creating it :)

The best was when Ashley would bring Sawyer to me when he woke up.
Nothing better then snuggling a happy baby when you first wake up :)
We also did scrapbooking!!!
I only completed 16 layouts in the 5 days we were there, but I think that was pretty good considering I wasn't feeling up to par for a day and a half.
But the layouts I did complete, I love how they turned out!!!

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your SIL, daughters, and grandson!!

  2. Looks like such a fun time! Family time is the best. :)


  3. This sounds like such a great weekend! Love the painting idea...will have to try this with my girls when we go up to the lake together!

  4. It sounds like an amazing weekend, Tracy!! The pictures are beautiful!! Everyone did a fabulous job with the paintings!! They're gorgeous!! And oh, Sawyer is so sweet and precious!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. All of that sounds like a perfect weekend at the cottage. Each painting is just a little different marking it as the owner's own. Sawyer is growing up in such a circle of love & crafting, he will be a very rounded man.

  6. What a fun weekend and great paintings, beautiful pictures.

  7. Looks like an amazing week-end and 16 is lots when you factor in having the baby there to play with !

  8. Fabulous photo's and Sawyer is growing up quick! Fabulous paintings by everyone too xx


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