Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy International Scrapbooking Day

Hope you all are having a great International Scrapbooking Day :)
I planned on scrapbooking all day, so told my friends to drop over if they wanted to play along.
My friend Lynne came by and we had some chuckles and instead of scrapbooking we organized, lol.
Lynne took her photos out of her sleeve albums and put them into photo boxes, and I moved from task to task, lol.

After Lynne left I worked on my albums and layouts.
My daughters have mentioned that I haven't completed their baby scrapbooks..yup, sad but true.
My oldest is 27 and I still haven't completed them.
So the first thing I did was take out their albums and some of my finished layouts that I don't have photos in.

I went through my daughter's albums and figured out what years or milestones that I had missed in these books and wrote them on sticky notes for each one.

Then I gathered up all of my layouts that weren't in albums, or that don't have photos on them.
Yup, those are all (that I know of) layouts that I have completed.
Some are completed pages with photos on them, others need photos.
I am hoping that a lot of the layouts with no photos will work in my daughter's albums...that will make completing their albums so much quicker.

I also did a quick video sharing my hopefully easy process with a couple of quick flips in their albums :)
If you would like to see the video on my YouTube Channel...just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all have a very creative Scrapbooking Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. OH My!! When I see all of your unfinished projects, I think of all of mine like that! I am soooo behind in scrapbooking. I will be going to a scrapbooking event in June so hopefully I can complete some layouts

  2. Watched your video, and you have done a great job or organizing. I hope all your completed layouts will work for your daughter's albums.

  3. It looks like it was a fun NSD. I had a wonderful NSD scrapping all day at home. Gosh I like this hobby.

  4. Oh goodness look at you go ! You are on a tear -
    I am now done my traels - nut now starts the getting ready for camp - even this morning at my desk I feel like I should d\head outside!!


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