Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Opening up the Camp/Cottage

 Camp Season is upon us!!

Wayne and I spent the weekend at our cottage.
It rained almost the whole 2 hour drive out there, but cleared up when we reached camp, which was nice to unpack without getting soaked :)
Wayne worked most of the weekend to get our water turned on, but ended up we had a small hole in one of the pump check valve.
We did get enough water to fill up the sauna and fill up a few buckets though.

First thing I did once Wayne put the battery in the quad was go for a ride of course :)
I love to ride!!

It actually hailed before heading home.
Then we got rain...lots of rain.

As much as I love my Home away from Home, I am going to miss my Friday Night Scrapbooking I have with my friends.
I am hoping to have them one day during the week in the afternoon...sad thing is, most of my friends still work, so won't be able to make it.
They all need to retire, lol.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful scenery pictures!! Have fun!

  2. Beautiful pictures, The first trip is when you find out what's happened over the winder. (we get a new water heater this year)

  3. Some lovely views & vistas at your cottage. I have two friends that disappear for the summer to their cottages - they both totally check out of F/B & email, so I give them stamps & a set of postcards so they can let me know they are well... Camp Scrap Away sounds like a perfect mid week get away - I'm in!

  4. What a wonderful place for your cottage Tracy. Have fun and enjoy your time there!
    Carol x

  5. We just opened up the RV and lot at the lake. We are both 63 and it takes us so much longer than it did ten years ago when we bought the lot.
    USed to have it all done in about 3 days.
    We were up there 11 days and worked hard, but took lots of breaks to swim or hot tub and rest our weary muscles. Lots of pruning and trimming, raking and hauling away lots of leaves and just generally getting ready for some fun on future trips!

    Too bad about your water. Wayne sounds really handy though and will probably be able to fix it once he has the right parts!

  6. Yay - enjoy your summer weekends xx


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