Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to Reality

I finished this book tonight. I really liked this one. Actually I have really enjoyed every one of Ellen Hopkins books.
This one is 625 pages about 5 teenagers from different walks of life and how they get involved in selling themselves. Let it be for love, money or drugs.
I would give it an 8 out of 10.

Today was a busy day. I ran around most of the day
I drove Ashley to work for 8:30am.
Came home and typed up a letter for the landlord at my dad's apartment. He doesn't want to give back the last month's rent my dad paid.
I was just going to let it go, but then thought "no" who else has he taken advantage of. So I phoned the Landlords and Tenants Board to make sure I "was" in the right. Which I was. So I typed the letter and dropped it in his letter box. Then I phoned him.
I don't think he liked that I knew what my rights were...or should I say what my dad's rights were.
I also cleaned up my dad's apartment. I am going to finish it up on Monday and then hand in the keys.

I took Ashley out for lunch.
When the waitress asked about the bill. I told her "I'll take it, I guess moms treating again."
She was shocked. She said she would never have guessed I was her mom. She couldn't believe it.
You heard that right Ashley LOL.
And yes I am telling everyone, teehee.

I donated my dad's walkers to the Arthritis Society. The girl there thanked me for donating them. I told her my dad would have wanted that as he had rheumatoid arthritis. She started crying, which made me cry. She said she lost her mom. When I asked her when she told me 2 yrs ago. So much sadness even after 2 yrs.

Well we are off to camp. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend.


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  1. So glad you are sticking up for yourself....and not letting the landlord take advantage!


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