Friday, August 20, 2010

I have a swelled head

Hubby and I enjoy riding our quads at camp. My helmet is a bit big. It was my MIL's.
So we were at Canadian Tire and we just happen to walk down the isle that the helmets were in. So I thought I would try some on. Now I really love my hubby's helmet, it has the mouth piece with the mesh so no dust goes in your mouth.
I found one like it to try on. When I put it on it felt a bit snug, but it had lots of padding inside it.
I said to Wayne I think it is to small, and its a medium.
He starts to chuckle as my cheeks are squished up to my eyes.
Well guess what I couldn't get the dam thing off. I was pulling at the edges and Wayne was pulling from the top.
It felt like I had rug burn on my cheeks.
Checked out the size it was a Youth Medium, LOL.
I said to Wayne, what if we couldn't get it off. I would have had to bought the darn thing then went to emerg. to get them to cut it off LOL.

We are going to camp tonight.
Ashley is staying home, she says its because she worked all week, but I think it is because she wants to spend time with her new boyfriend :)

Hope your weekend is enjoyable.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad, think of you Tracy, but glad you have lots of good memories.
    Tracy x


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