Thursday, August 5, 2010

I found my thrill, on Blueberry hill

Ohhh this was so delicious. I used some of the blueberries that I picked last weekend. Kind of hard to loose the 10 lbs I had planned on losing this summer when I keep eating yummy, sweet treats like this. Don't ya think.
Yup it was good. Kristy is at a sleepover tonight. Ashley doesn't like pie. So it is just Hubby, Heather and I. Humm cut a pie in thirds. Ohhhh I like the sounds of that. Because if you really think about it, pie isn't as good the next day, the crust gets soggy.
So Ya I am off to get another piece :) As I watch Gran Torino...Love this movie.

Today I finished off my book work. I just have to envelope and mail the bills. Ohhh it feels so good to balance month end.
I took Kristy to the movie theatre to watch a movie with her boy/friend.
Ashley, Heather and I went to the Mission Marsh Conservation Area, as they wanted to take some photos.

One other thing happened today, it scared me. My dad had a doctor's appointment today in the later afternoon. I got there early as he told me he had a small fall in the bedroom. He got tangled in his oxygen tube.
Well I helped him get ready and we started to head down the hallway. He has been slowing down lately, so this didn't surprise me. Then we get to the stairs and I noticed his breathing was getting loud. I told him to sit on his walker seat to catch his breath. He didn't.
He got about 1/2 way down the stairs and just sat..plunk. I noticed that his lips were purple. Of course I got concerned and told him I was taking him to the hospital instead.
He refused and slowly went back to his apartment.
So I stayed with him for a few hours. Cleaned his apartment and made him some meals and put them in the fridge.
He slept most of the time I was there. But his breathing slowed and his colouring came back.
Boy he is a stubborn ol' man.
I have phoned him a few times and went to see him tonight and its like nothing happened.

Makes you think, I'll tell you.

Take care and I hope you had a good Thursday.



  1. That blueberry pie looks delicious! So glad you were there to take care of your dad. Must have been scary.

  2. Tracy- that blueberry pie looks summer-ific! It is actually both my parents favorite pie but it has to have a big huge scoop of chocolate ice cream on it for them! Maybe that is a Brooklyn/ Bronx thing!
    Thanks for giving me a happy thought about my Dad!

  3. My hubby was just given some're making me want to do something fun with them now! Looks delicious! I'm glad you're Dad is doing okay.

  4. that pie looks SO GOOD and I don't even like blueberries LOL.

    Sits: the Secret is in the Sauce - it's a group of women that get together and comment on other's blogs!

  5. That pie looks so yummy..... mmmm a piece of pie and custard..... anyway glad your Dad is doing okay, I miss my Dad terribly, I think so many times oooh must tell Dad this and must tell him that and then realise I can't. So hope your Dad stays well for a long time to come.
    Thnaks for the comments on my blog whilst I have been away working. I miss blogging when I am working!! grrr

  6. That was scary with your dad, glad he's ok though. Pie looks so delicious, hope you enjoyed, I could do with a piece to go with my cup of tea Lol.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  7. Blueberry pie is my favorite kind of pie! Looks delicious! Glad your Dad is okay!

  8. Pie looks delish!! (A MUCH better photo than yesterday's!!!!!!!!)

    Hope your dad is ok! Sheesh, he really is a stubborn ol' goat!

    And ummm....excuse me, Missy, but just WHERE do you plan to lose 10 pounds from?????....cuz you ain't got 10 pounds to spare!!!!

  9. I hope your dad will be okay. That is a worry.

    The pie looks wonderful. I think I need to go make a chocolate pie. I can't get the ten pounds I want to lose off either.

  10. Oh, yummy!! I love blueberry pie!
    I hope your dad gets better.


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