Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a mess

I got this planter at my dad's apartment. They have an area where you put things and anyone can take them. We put a lot of my dad's stuff there and they were grabbed in minutes.
Well I saw this planter but it was plain wood.
Hubby didn't' want me to get it. He has no vision LOL.
Well we painted it up. Unfortunately I got the wrong colour paint. I got cherry red instead of burgundy. Hubby says we should keep it like this, I think he just doesn't want to paint it again.
But it doesn't match my other things, so off to Canadian Tire to get some burgundy tomorrow :)

Here is my baby Kristy. She says she doesn't like coming to camp. Sure.
Doesn't she look like she is enjoying herself. She says she doesn't want to come up, but her and her sister's have such a great time. Teens LOL.We left camp early today as we had to get this couch out of our basement. I think this couch is over 25 yrs old. It was my in laws before we got it. The thing is we had to chop it in half to get it out of the basement. We finished the basement while this was down here. Now it won't fit around the staircase. But I think Hubby had fun chopping it up. Mind you it was a big mess. There was foam chunks all over the place.
And he kind of scratched the sh1t out of our door and stairs :(
There were a lot of hidden treasures in the cushions. The biggest was a phone. LOL. My girls played "Comfy Couch" and would clean up by stuffing things in the couch. Now I know where all their socks went LOL.
We then went to the "Pit" so Heather could grease the trucks. It took longer than usual for her, she said it was because she was so hot.
I went down to the scale shack to do my paper work....there is air conditioning in there :) I did bring her cold juice and some munchies in between my work.
We didn't get out of there until after 8:00. So we ordered Chinese food for supper. Why is it so expensive?

Busy day tomorrow.
When do I get to be creative again? I miss my crafting.



  1. I love all your recycling Tracy. good for you.
    Was hubby saving you the springs from the couch? You could make a few bucks on them ya know? LOL
    I am glad things are getting better for you. but yes, still very hard after almost 2 yrs.
    Your dad would be pleased by your donation. How sweet of you. I hope more folks keep that in mind.
    Many Hugs,Pea

  2. That planter is great!

    Funny story on the couch with the hidden 'gifts'.

    Yeah, chinese food IS expensive, eh?

  3. Love the planter, my closest neighbour put out a small cast iron table and chairs you know the one's for your patio and s sign on saying free to good home, so we took them in and will do them up, will post a pic when they are done. great sofa story.

  4. Love the planter! So, why is Chinese food so expensive?

  5. I love that planter, but I'm all for leaving it that color! That's my favorite color!

  6. the planter is cute! I love the red. I vote keep it.


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