Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1st post on my New Laptop

I am finally using my new laptop.
Crazy it took me so long I know. But I felt like I needed to squeeze the last bit of life out of my old one. Plus I am attached to it.
I know I'm weird.

I don't have any photos on this laptop yet so I nabbed this one from my daughters Face book album.
It is a photo of my daughter Ashley, but it was created and the photo was taken by my other daughter Heather :)
I just love this photo. I love the idea (bird nest entangled in her hair) and the way she captured part of her face.
I tell you it was fun trying to keep that nest on her head, lol.
It is a real bird nest as well. It was a Robins nest from our cottage.
So onto my laptop, or should I say my old laptop.
It froze on me 3 times today. Luckily hubby got it working each time.
You may think, why did you need it working again, you have a new one.
Well I am the worlds worst procrastinator....I didn't download my photos :-0
They are safe and hopefully sound in my external hard drive now.

I would have been so upset if I didn't get that done, and it would have been my own fault.
I have not only all the photos of my family on there, I also have all the photos of my cards, mini books, videos and crafts on there.

Onto My Day:
Went out to Walmart with Ashley and Heather during her lunch. I have not been to Walmart for about a 6 months or longer. But Ashley saw some pretty frosted drinking glasses and thought I needed new ones. Yup I bought them :)
Then we went out for lunch in the food court in the mall.
I also say someone from my youth. He was surprised I recognized him, but I usually don't forget a face, no matter how much they have changed.
Chatted on the phone tonight with a blog friend.

Hope you all had a creative day today.

Tracy :)


  1. Very cool picture. How did you ever get her hair to stand up like that? I don't know if I would put a real birds nest on my head but I've got one right outside my slider if I ever choose to steal my tenants home. They have been coming back every year for the last 5 or six years now and have babies every year.

    Oh I almost forgot, congrats on finally using your new laptop!

    I had no fun today. I made gravy (what we Jersey italians call tomato sauce with meat cooked in that simmers for at least 4+ hours, I cooked mine 6hrs) Washed all my dishes by hand. I just don't want them sitting in the dishwasher and stinking up the place. My dishwasher is on its last legs. Did a ton of laundry and actually put it away, well almost all of it. And now at 11pm I'm going to my dungeon to play for a few minutes.

  2. That picture really is cool.


  3. what a cool photo-your girls are just as creative as you are--how cool

  4. Heather took an amazing photo of Ashley.
    But I am not sure I would want a bird nest on my head.
    Glad you got your photos on your external hard drive. Sometimes we procrastinate too much, I find.
    Glad you got to face Walmart and not me--that place drives me crazy.

  5. That photo is SO cool! How long did it take to comb her hair out? Lol! Glad you got all of your pictures saved from your old laptop!

  6. I hate swapping out laptops. :( I am still getting used to my new one that I got in June. It is like when you have to finally throw away your favorite pair of tennis shoes because the soles have finally up and quit (because you know that we can deal with the holes...they build character LOL).

    Love the photo btw! Have a great day!!! -Amanda

  7. Hey there stranger,
    Sorry I haven't been on in awhile! Congrats on your new laptop
    Hugs, Stacy

  8. Awesome photo! Congrats on the new laptop :0)Hugs!

  9. Very creative photo! Enjoy the new laptop!

  10. I get attached to my computers too...I hate getting new ones, even if the old one isn't working. Cool photo! :)

  11. That is so creative! I love it!
    I hate all the schlepping of photos, programs, etc from computer to computer. I put it off as long as possible!

  12. Congrats on the laptop! I just bought a new battery for mine! I am finally caught up on all your posts! Lol Been very busy lately! Celebrating my Mom's 64th Birthday today! I made her a s secret box.. I will be posting on my blog soon! She loved it! Have you rec'd your package I sent you yet?

  13. This is a totally cool picture!

  14. My hair looks like that when I get out of bed each morning, I swear.

  15. glad you got a new one and you still can do some crafty online upkeep for us to read! :D

  16. That is indeed one cool photo of your daughter! It just showed how Facebook can be a platform for one's creativity. On the other hand, I hope that by now you are using your new laptop. It's time that your old laptop gets a rest.

  17. Hi Tracy! Is this the current laptop you’re using? If so, have you had any upgrades lately? Well, if it’s more for personal use, I guess you don’t need it much. Unlike when you’re using it for business purposes, you’re gonna have to make some upgrades since it will allow your laptop to perform better, especially so if you’re in the video game or graphic design industry.

  18. Haha! Your post really reminds me the time I bought a new laptop. After I installed all the updates and applications, the first thing I did was to upload photos and create a simple blog post. I just really wanted my friends to know that I have a new laptop. Hahaha! Well, the feeling was really great! :p


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