Thursday, November 24, 2011

He-Art Journal Challenge week 18, a movie and a Thankful Thursday

Wow Week 18 of this challenge and I have yet to miss one :)

WEEK 18 - Mother and/or Father

Assignment: Create a spread or a page based your parents, life as a parent, or a tribute to all parents! Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!
Tip: try adding a conversational piece with your parents!

Here is my two page spread.
I am not totally happy with the looks of this page though :(
But I wanted to play with my new distress inks....I have to justify purchasing them, teehee.

1st page is about my parents.
This one was a challenge for me.
I wasn't sure how much I wanted to share in this layout, that is why it took me so long to get this one done.
Honestly, I had a great childhood. Maybe not the most perfect one, but I have many great memories.

The second page is how I feel about being a mom. And the words around the page are how I hope my children feel.
Isn't that the best compliment on being a mom....when your children tell you, you did a good job. Love my girls.
Onto My Day:
Another unproductive day.
My girlfriend came for a short visit.....she was suppose to be working, but came for a visit....I was so happy to see her :)
Ran out and did a couple of errands.
Ashley took me on a date night ;)
Heather had a coupon for 2 free passes to the movies with 1 popcorn and 2 pop. She didn't want to use it (as there weren't any good movies she wanted to see). It expires tomorrow so it had to be used.
So she gave it to Ashley and I I guess I should thank Heather for the date night ;)
Funny thing is Wayne and I gave these to her for Christmas last year, lol.

Oh I guess you want to know which movie we went to see? It was Breaking Dawn.
And everyone behaved themselves in the theatre tonight ;)

Thankful Thursday:
Being able to take it easy when I need to.
For a good friends visit
Date night with my daughters.

So what are you Thankful for today?

Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I think your journal really turned out PERFECT. The words are so inspiring and truly touched my heart.

  2. wow these pages are awesome! i love all the distress colors as a border! very cool!

  3. Your journal pages look terrific. Glad to see you are putting your distress inks to good use. Love that your girls like to do things with you-Mine do too.

  4. The journaling is great, I love how you did the colors too. Glad everyone behaved themselves!

  5. Love the journaling! Have a great day, Tracy!

  6. My sister said that movie was fantastic :0) I can't wait to see it since the last one was pretty decent. Great pages! Hugs!

  7. Your journal is coming along very nicely :)

  8. Your doing great on your journal. It's going to be nice for you to look back on years from now or even for your children when you are gone. I'm glad everyone behaved in the theater tonight. I hope you enjoyed your movie.

  9. I love the trees on your pages and how you did your childhood on one side and you being a mom on the other. Glad your experience at the movie was better than the other day! :)

  10. Thankful for my dear sweet friend.....

  11. That's very brave of you to show these pages. I know what you mean by "broken" home but still having good memories. We are some of the people that have accepted their past and learned and grew from it instead of using it as an excuse to be a victim of it.

    I'm thankful I had a stressful but wonderful vacation and a safe road trip down to my parents house.


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