Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I made it to the Big Screen ;)

Woke up this morning to thick frost.
But look at the pretty design it made on the hood of my jeep :)

Look my blog made it to the big screen.........TV that is, teehee.
Wayne and I have yet to see an episode of Castle this season. So he figured we should watch the ones we have missed on the Internet.
So we ran to Staples to pick up a special cord to hook my laptop to the TV.
After a half an hour he found a site where we could watch it from.
Only thing is we didn't know it was a trial thing and it cut out during the second episode, lol.
So we have to wait 57 minutes before we can resume watching. lol.
So we put my blog up on the TV, how cool is that ;)

Worked on my mini for a while today...as I watched Night of the Living Dead, and past shows of the Waking Dead ;)

Hope you had a creative Tuesday.

Tracy :)


  1. Look at your blog!! I love the frost design too!

  2. Love the design on your jeep hood, Tracy! And your blog on the big screen...double cool!

    I thought I would share with you that Hulu.com has lots and lots of shows and movies for FREE. They offer even more for a small fee each month. Greatest thing for laptops and shows that are only web exclusive...hook it to the HDMI output! Yuppers and then you can watch anything you want!

    Here is the link for all your Castle shows and you don't have to wait! You can watch one after another http://www.hulu.com/search?query=castle&st=0&fs=


  3. See you lied you DO watch TV on your computer LOL! I hooked up to Netflix and finally watched Paranormal Activity that came out like 3 or 4 years ago. I have to say it was a little creepy sitting in the dungeon by myself after watching it LOL.

  4. Can't wait to see your mini...fabulous design the frost made. Still no snow in the north...yeah!!!!

  5. Love the frosty design--but not liking the colder weather. I think the sunny south sounds like the place to be right now.
    Fun seeing your blog on the big screen.

  6. i love it!!

    oh i love the pattern of the freeze on your car! winter sure is coming fast!

  7. That is so cool that you can put your blog on tv! I love the frost design on your car :)

  8. Neat design on your jeep! It looks like a snowflake. I love when I find crazy designs like that, it's not often but every once in a while I find stuff like that.

  9. May I have your autograph?! LOL!! Looks pretty cool.

    Great pic of the car hood - although I'm not too thrilled that it's getting colder. Sigh.

  10. Yup! It's pretty fun! Can you guys use Hulu up there? They have castle if you can. The design on your Jeep is pretty neat, too! LOL!

  11. at least here in the US you can get past episodes at abc.com. Bummer about the show cutting out! I am behind on Castle as well this season...catching like every third episode. Still haven't DVR'd walking dead, but am liking Grimm (watching it with my boys), Once upon a time, and Terra Nova. Cool to see the blog on the big screen. like the frost pic! Have a great day! -Amanda

  12. It's been pretty warm here, but the cold blast is coming today. We has some heavy frost over this past weekend though and I was chilled this morning while getting gas. I am so not a cold weather person!

    That is one HUGE website!! ;^) You guys are creative in more ways than one! LOL!!! Part of the reason I wanted a laptop was so I could watch tv while walking on my treadmill. Ummm, that has yet to happen. . .

  13. I've tried the Walking Dead. I wish I could watch it, but I'm soooo creeped out. Took me 3 times to watch the first episode of the first season. Seriously! I haven't seen any of the second season. I only saw about episodes of the first before I realized just how spooked it left me. It's actually a good show. You can tell it was thought out.
    The original Night of the Living Dead was the first Zombie show I had ever seen and I've been traumatized ever since. It was on last month for Halloween movie month. I stumbled on it and quickly changed the channel! LOL!

  14. Soon I'll be able to brag that I knew you before you became famous!!

  15. I like the design on your hood very cool. Awesome you get to be on tv hehe...

  16. Love the design on your hood, too bad it was because of frost :( As for Castle, that was one of those shows that I said "Hey Mike, this looks good we should watch it!" and he said "No" Lol!

  17. How fabulous to see the beauty in everything (and have a camera ready for it!).

    (My hubby and I watch Walking Dead too!)


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