Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trying to keep organized

I thought I would share with you a little tip that is helping me stay organized while I am working on my newest project.
I end up loosing everything under my paper. Even my large tape gun!
I end up spending more time looking for items then I do working on my projects.
So this is the first time I tried this and so far so good.

I have 3 containers.
One for scraps and pre-cut papers.
One for different types of adhesive and scissors.
One for distress inks and applicators and rulers.

Here is my work area.
I covered up what I am working on...I want it to be a surprise :)
It may not look like a big area to work on, but with everything put into these containers, its more than I had before ;)   See that is a 12x12 piece of paper...lots of room :)

Onto My Day:
Slept in....nothing like relaxing in bed before I start my day :)
Talked with my nephew on the phone for 2 hours.
Took Kristy and her boyfriend out for lunch.
Picked up a few groceries.
Worked a bit on my mini album.
Drove Blake home.
Picked up some toilet paper, as we only had 2 squares left...not 2 rolls, 2 squares. Remember there are 4 women in this family.

Hope you had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Very good tip. Now, you can come and do my messy desk. I try to pick up after each project, but that doesn't always work.
    If I am working on cards, I try to put each card as I finish in a basket, so they don't get lost in the clutter.
    I remember those days and the TP--only you have one more girl at your house.

  2. thanks for the tip, cute baskets too.

  3. Hope this works. I am always hunting for stuff will have to try it.

  4. Great idea with the baskets. I would need like 50 of them. Two squares of TP. Ya know, I really should leave that one alone. To comment in-depth would be tasteless and crude. But that's who I am. So...I remember reading an uber-frugal hint from a person who cut flannel into 6x6 inch squares. She stacked them on the back of the toilet and that is what her family used for TP. They had a bucket with a lid next to the toilet, and when it was full of flannel squares, time to head to the washing machine. Not all that different from cloth diapers (which I used on Jacob), but I think I'd economize elsewhere first.

  5. What a great tip! Probably makes it easy for when you clean your space up too as everything is already organized for you. Your toilet paper buying reminds me that we're down to our last package. I think I need to make a Costco trip :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your organization tips, Tracy. I too spend a lot of time looking for something that was "just right there a minute ago." Have a great day!

  7. I might have to give the basket idea a try, but I've tried somewhat similar things in the past and believe me, I will find a way to wander from the path and end up where I was before. LOL! My problem is that I take stuff into other rooms and forget to return them or Brooke uses them & I have no clue where they end up then.

    My Sat. was crafty but not, did my last craft show and only did half as good as last year, but spent more on the booth space. May not do that show again.

  8. Rotfl, 2 SQUARES? let me guess, it was YOU who noticed. I swear, I am the ONLY one who replaces rolls and makes sure there are rolls to be had in the bathroom! It's like I am the only one who is there for the last square! Ugh!

    I bury my stuff when I create as well. I like your simple idea!

  9. Great idea! I have a 12 x x 12 decorative cardboard "tray" kind of thing that I use as a holder for items that I don't need any longer and needs to be put back. My tools go right back on the pegboard but usually I'm still working in a mess. I don't get the videos were people are doing process or techniques and they are so neat and organized, where is all their crap? Because you know they have it somewhere LOL.

    I can't believe you only had 2 squares left. You would have to cut them into 4s and give each of you 2 and then lightly dab LOL.

  10. I keep meaning to get my work area organized. I inherited a file cabinet at least, so that gets some of the big stacks of paper off my desk. But I still have a long way to go.

  11. I am like you and am always losing my scissors and my adhesive. I now have a basket that I put all the adhesives in, and I try to remember to put my scissors back in the tool caddy every time I use it, but it still disappears under paper. I might just have to put in on a lanyard around my neck. Or maybe like you I can throw it in with the adhesive?

  12. 2 squares of TP isn't enough to blow your nose! I love how organized you are...little Miss Organization Queen. ;)

  13. Lately I am the one using all the TP around here, hee hee. I have some little green baskets I keep on my table while working for organization also, works great! Keep it up :0) Hugs!

  14. I thought I was the only one with a messy desk! LOL The baskets are a great idea-gonna try it ASAP!

  15. That's a great organizing tip! I'm going to the dollar store and picking up some baskets and give it a try. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  16. I like how organized you are :) I tried, but my containers on the table are now overflowing everywhere, lol. I need to do some serious tidying! You have inspired me :)

  17. Such a great idea! As I've been working on a mini, all I've been doing is looking for something I just used... and yeah, it's usually under a piece of cardstock. It's such a time waster, though. I may have to steal this idea.

  18. How clever are you?! I'm going to try this if I ever get started on a new project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Is this still being used and does it still help? Curiouser and curiouser?


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