Saturday, November 5, 2011

Come walk with me

After my walk this morning, I was chilled to the bone.
Even after my hot, hot shower, I still couldn't get warm.
So Heather made me some hot chocolate :)
 I thought I would share my morning walk with you :)
I drive Kristy to school in the morning, then head to Lynne's house for our walk.
I know it is coming to an end, as I hate the cold, my body just doesn't like it at all.
This is part of the country road we walk down, this is at the top of the hill.
 Look at this house. It is hard to tell, but it is actually built into the hill. Only the front is visible, the rest is under ground.
See the frost on the ground....told you it was cold.
 We usually tap the sign when we get to the end of the road.
This is Lynne, she didn't want her face on here. We don't look our best in the morning, lol.
But she wanted you to know that "Yes us Canadians do wear toques and love our Canadian attire", teehee.
 Look very closely.
Do you see the deer hiding in the bush.
Every morning during our walk we see a few deer right in the open, or in a yard eating the apples that fell off the trees.
But because I had my camera with me we didn't see any right out in the open.
This guy was hiding on us.
 Lastly here is the McIntyre river or that we walk over.
We don't actually walk over it, we really just walk on the bridge ;)
So do you feel like you got a good work out, lol.
I think you must have burnt a few calories during our walk, so go and treat yourself, have some chocolate, or a donut, lol.
I am finished my work for month end :)
Tonight was Scrapbooking Friday. Sharon and Lynne came by. Sharon worked on a couple of Christmas layouts and Lynne tried to organize her stickers.  Me, I put the finishing touches on a mini album kit for Jamie. Sorry it has taken me so long, yes I suck when it comes to mailing things out.
So tomorrow I am hoping to clean the house and work on my mini album for the design team :)

Hope you all had a creative day today.

Tracy :)


  1. I just got home from my friends house where the kids got a second chance to trick or treat. All four kids were horrendously behaved. It was a true Halloween horror. I never want to celebrate it again, not that I wont change my mind come next October. It was so cold and then I look at your, BEAUTIFUL by the way, pictures and now I'm frozen all over again LOL. I need to go snuggle under my down comforter. I don't like the cold either and neither does my daughter. We rather snuggle in our PJ's on a cold winter (technically still fall) day. When does June get here again?

  2. It was -10 here this am. Yesterday, the kids saw a moose on their way up to the bus. You look like you live outside of town as well! Love it! Never thought that it would be a place I would live!

  3. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. It looks like pretty and peaceful way to start the day.

  4. My walking days are just about done for this year too. You said you saw deer when you walked and there it is. Looks chilly out--we had our first snow that actually stuck on the ground last night. Hope you get to do some creating today.

  5. Beautiful scenery, must have been a nice walk.

  6. Looks like a fun walk. Love your Canadian apparel. Don't stress about the mini kit!

  7. Lovely photos,have a nice weekend.:)

  8. Thanks for the great pictures. Love the deer photos - we live in a highly wooded area and this morning there was an 8 pt buck in our front yard.
    But, before I could get my camera out Brady scared him off with his barking!

  9. I love where you live! I want to move out of the city and into the country. Well, half of me does anyway. LOL! One half country girl, one half city girl.
    Yes. I see the deer.
    I really have to catch up on your lovely blog!

  10. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. It looks like pretty and peaceful way to start the day.


  11. Wow! What a wonderful place to walk, must help to start the day right!

  12. Well I don't feel like I got a walk, but I do feel cold :) Now I want some hot chocolate! I'm not a fan of the cold weather either. We are still having some warm days here and there, but they are few and far between.


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