Sunday, November 13, 2011

The difference distress makes

I do like to distress things ;)
Here is the difference between the papers I distressed.
The one on the left is the paper in its raw form.
Then I distressed it with 3 distress inks and then I used some distress ink refill and added a bit of water to it and flicked it on the paper with a toothbrush......I don't think Wayne will miss it, lol.

Funny thing is I picked this paper because of the crackle look to it.
Now that it is distressed you can't hardly tell it had a crackle finish. But I do love how it looks.

I worked on my mini album today.
Why does it take me so long to complete anything :(
I am still working on my first page!
Then I discovered that I flipped my front cover to the back cover. So my first page turned into my second page ;(
So I have to remove my front cover and add it to my back cover.
Luckily I didn't add anything to the cover of my book or else I wouldn't be able to fix it...but then again if it was embellished, I wouldn't have screwed up.

Onto My Day:
Hubby and I slept in. He didn't go to work today. I woke up earlier then him, but didn't get up as I knew he would have woke up. He needs his sleep.
We took down the gazebo, and cleaned the backyard to get ready for (gasp) winter.
Worked on my mini album.
Hubby and I made a huge taco dip for the family :)
Now I am going to watch "Once Upon a Time" and them my all time favourite " Walking Dead ".

A little funny:
I say to my Hubby tonight, "You know I spend to much time on the computer, when I look at the television and expect to see the time on the bottom right hand side of the screen". LOL

Hope you all had a creative Sunday

Tracy :)


  1. Nice looking papers there, both ways :0) Funny about the time on the screen. Isn't the first step admitting you have a problem, LOL! Hugs to you and the family!!!!

  2. Oh that's nice! I distress nearly any paper craft thing I make (which these days is almost 100% greeting cards) but not anywhere NEAR as nicely as you do!

    Oh & I meant to tell you - for the past month, I've had breakfast cereal with Craisins every darn day!

  3. That's funny about the tv! Nice job distressing. I don't have any distress inks but I think I may need to buy some now. Thanks! :-)

  4. That comment about Waynes' toothbrush cracked me up! :-D And so did the computer! Great job on the paper. And I'm sure the mini-album will turn out beautifully.:-)

  5. Ouu i like how that turned out...

    The walking dead was intense!!!

  6. I use my distress inks all the time too. I always have inky fingers when I am creating.
    can hardly wait to see your mini album.
    Toothbrushes come in handy when crafting and cleaning.

  7. I like both versions of the paper, but I am a big fan of distressing!:)

  8. bahhhhhhaaaaaaaa HA! That is so funny. Oh you crack me up! Pea shakes her head. LOL

  9. Lovely distressing! Wow! LOL at the TV comment! :D

  10. I love to distress things too, but I usually go a bit milder than most. I have several sheets of that crackled paper myself! I myself hate it when I do things that forces me to rethink how I was going to do a project. It happens often too....grrrr!

  11. love the distressing! you are too funny!

  12. Love the distressing - both papers look nice, though!

  13. The distressed look is awesome! It will look great on your project :)
    The TV thing, I think we should have a mouse or touch pad for them--wouldn't that be handy :) Maybe just one big computer screen hanging in the living room!

  14. I have done that to many times to count!
    Did my pages backwards!
    Cool distressing :)

  15. Wait, what? You don't watch tv on your computer? I haven't watched my tv in about 6 months. Not even the one in my bedroom where I can watch creepy scary shows.

    Love the distressing. I find I can't leave anything sparkly and white or clean and crisp. It's got to be distressed somehow. Sorry about the flub in your book, but I'm sure you're able to fix it better than it was supposed to be.

  16. When you said "why does it take me so long to finish a project?" I was thinking, see steps 1-3 above about distressing the paper. LOL! This is what makes a Tracy piece of art a Tracy original :) Your day with Wayne sounds absolutely PERFECT! Taco dip included!

  17. What you did to the paper looks great (and fun!)!! :)

  18. I love the paper! It sounds like you had such a great day with your husband. And I've totally done that with the time, I get confused when its not on my kindle!

  19. You're such a hands on crafter! I give you kudos for getting messy.

    thanks for the nice compliment today, too. :)

  20. love the distressed look, you can't even tell it's the same paper at all. Love that you guys slept in....on the days I can sleep in, I tend to wake at the butt crack of dawn, but on days I have to get up, I could sleep all day....UGH!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's good to be back!!!

  21. Man, putting the cover in the wrong place sounds like something I would do!


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