Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hand made tissue tape.

I got to play a bit today.
Well actually I could have played all day, but I ....actually I really didn't do to much but laze around.
I was jumping around on YouTube and blogs last week and came across this cool idea.
How to make your own tissue tape.  
Sadly I don't recall which blog it was though. Plus she called it washi tape.

Here is the finished card I made with my homemade tissue tape.

 First you will need some two way (double sided) tape. I used the left over tape from when we put the plastic on the windows of our camp. You could use sticky strip, or score tape, or any other 2 way tape with a film on it. You will also need tissue paper, stamp, ink and scissors.

Next you are going to adhere your tissue paper onto your two way tape.
Then trim the overhang off.

Then stamp, and stamp and stamp :)

 The hearts were neat, but I wanted to take it up a notch.
So what I did was after I adhered the tissue paper, I inked the tissue with tea dye distress ink.
Then stamped the tape measure stamp with vintage photo.
I love how this turned out :)

I inked around the edges of tissue before adhering it to the card front.
As you can see, I didn't line these ones up perfectly, but I like this look.
Just think of the endless possiblities....coloured tissue paper or pattern tissue paper.

I wrapped crochet cotton around the bobbin.

And this is the money shot ;)

Again here is the finished card :)

Onto My Day:
Slept in again, even with the time change, teehee. I love weekends ;)
Heather got me to watch GRIMM. Oh it was really good. I think I have to add this show of my must sees.
Only downfall is it is on Friday Night, which is my scrap booking night. So I will have to watch it online.

Walking Dead is on, so I have to run and enjoy my zombies ;)

Tracy :)


  1. LOVE this idea and this card! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Can't wait to try it!!! Thanks for the great idea!!!


  2. Hope you are enjoying your Zombie show.

    Another very good creative tip. Your tissue tape looks fantastic. Love the card too. I think I may need that Tim Holtz die.
    Haven't watched Grimm, but have been watching- Once Upon a Time on Sunday PM's.
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. LOVE this! Love the worn look and the tape turned out FAB! My DD is a Grimm fan as well! Me, not sure yet.

  4. lovely card Tracy
    have a nice week
    hugs from Brazil

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    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

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  6. Very clever but I think I have lots to use already and it's still in a big bag of other TH goodies I still haven't used!!but I will remember this for when I use it all tfs

  7. That is so cool, Tracy!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Great card! love your tissue tape. It turned out great.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I addicted to Washi tape and never thought of making it myself. Great card too.

  10. Great card and tutorial -- I saw that a week or so ago, I think it was on Nichole Heady's blog. Keep meaning to try it!

  11. Beautiful card! Your homemade tissue tape looks great!:)

  12. Oh I love this card! Your homemade tissue tape looks awesome! (I slept in yesterday too, despite the time change!)

  13. Love your card! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I have been stamping on solid colored washi tape, but never thought to completely make my own.

  14. I wish I had seen this before I spent some money on washi tape. I have some TH tissue tape too. I think I need to vamp up my tissue paper supply though.

    I was lazy yesterday too. I actually took a nap. I haven't done that in 3 almost 4 years.

  15. What cool technique you found there! Not sure it's something I will ever try, but then again, with my ADD, I could change my mind in a heartbeat! The card is extremely cool too! You have a way with vintage!

  16. I love this tape! That is so awesome! I've never tried it, but I really want to now!

  17. Fun card Tracy! Love the idea of your own tissue tape. I never thought to make my own...duh! LOL. Thanks for the tutorial. Love the measuring tape you made. Looks fab! :)

  18. That is super craftastic, my friend. You have an amazing abundance of talent. I'm impressed, REALLY, I am!

    (And I haven't forgotten about your request for some "cute" Christmas kids.)

  19. Great tut on the tissue tape! Love how your card turned out!!

  20. Thank you Jayne, yes that is where I had seen it. I just went and checked her blog and scrolled through many of her posts and yes it was Nicole's blog. Thanks :)

  21. Hi Tracy
    Thanks for the great idea - have just had a lovely time making my own tissue tape and guess what? It worked brilliantly!
    Love your blog -keep up the good work.
    Michelle UK

  22. Ok now, that is a good idea :) I don't use all those rolls of tissue tape the way I thought I would! I like this idea--make it when you need it--whatever the theme.
    Nice work :)

  23. glad to see you love the walking dead too. I dont have cable so I watch it online on monday evenings. thanks for the idea to make the tape. I too have a bunch of 2 way window plastic leftover from my bedroom windows. I gotta give this a try. thanks for sharing


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