Friday, November 11, 2011

He-Art Journal Challenge week 16

I forgot to share my He-Art Journal challenge pages from yesterday.
I am so honoured I was featured on the Greeting Farm challenge for my Halloween (two toned) pages and this one :)

Here was our challenge:
WEEK 16: "Heart to Heart"

Use hearts on your page and have a little "heart to heart" with your soul while doing so, right?

I copied this from my blog entry, from February, Wayne's and my 23rd Anniversary.
I then drew and coloured the vines and the hearts growing out of the vines :)

Awww look how young we were ;)
 I am not sure how well you can read this. I have to re size my photos in order to post them on their site.
And my original photo is on my external hard drive.

Onto My Day:
Went for my morning walk with Lynne.
An hour later it started to snow, big fluffy flakes. But it has since melted.
I worked on my mini album for a bit...and I mean a bit.
I seem to work better at night.
No matter how good my intentions are to work on it during the day, I never seem to get very far.
But at night I don't want to stop.

Watching GRIMM. No scrap booking night tonight, everyone was either busy or out of town.
Heather and I got Wayne into watching it ;)

Hope you had a creative Friday..and if you don't come back to visit me this weekend, hope you have a creative weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. perfect pages for your journal. So sweet. I love it. gonna have to check out this grimm you speak of.

  2. Love the hugging photo! So sweet!

  3. You have such a beautiful love story and I am glad you were able to include it in your journal. I just tuned into thus Grimm series too-checking it out. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Snow is predicted for us.

  4. That's gorgeous...and wow...23 years. You barely look like a 25 year old....and I know you didn't get married when you were 2!

  5. Watching Grimm now!
    Wow, 23 years! I met my dh 23 years ago....funny to look at pictures and see that I have aged. :0(. I don't really feel like I have!

  6. Beautiful drawing of the vines and hearts. The pages have such a vintage feel. We are blessed my friend. Life is good.

  7. perfect pages for your journal...... So sweet.....


  8. lovely pages tfs your pics, not sure where my old pics are somewhere in a box!! must start scapbooking soon

  9. I love that journal page Tracy! The hearts and vines around the edges are just perfect :) So cool they featured one of your pages over on their blog!!! They claim we had snow two nights ago but that it was all gone by the time we woke up. I think the weather men are full of crap :)

  10. Another set of pages that has turned out awesome! You are doing great with this :0) Hugs!

  11. I just discovered Grimm! Have you also started watching Once Upon A Time? I have Mr. C. trying to find out how I can watch it as it is difficult here in Germany. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. *Sniff, sniff* I love true love stories and in my eyes yours IS PERFECT. Mine's pretty close too but we've only been married 10yrs so we have a ways to go. Love your page and thank you for sharing such personal thoughts with us. I love the picture of you hugging at the end. You actually look like you are younger in that picture. What a nice mood you have set for me as I head out the door for a romantic birthday dinner with my hubby (my birthday not his, hence no kids!)

  13. What a great page for your He-Art journal!! You both still look just as great today! The love vines with the hearts is just so pretty, they look like scrolls to me and I have a thing for scrolls. ;^)

    I haven't watched much TV in a while, and not sure I've even heard of Grimm. I assume it's a TV program?


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