Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I put a spell on you ;)

Here is the video of my spell book.
And some photos of it for those of you who don't have time or don't like to watch them ;)
See how sweet I am, lol.
This is the cover of the spell book, which goes into large spell book.
Now I know you want to watch the video on how I put this together, as well as hear my sweet voice, lol :)

These are the first two pages.
I didn't want to cover up the witch or the moon, so I just made a pocket to put in some tags I put together :)              
 I made the pocket here out of envelopes, and heat embossed the skull.
I heat embossed the moon and tree on the next page. I used packaging for the tags.
 This page is suppose to represent inside the witches house.
Those pictures change from normal to scary vampires, they are so cool.
The platter and the bird cage hanger are made from a dress form die, then I altered it to how I wanted them and then added a gloss finish.
I loved the background paper, it makes me think of the witches dancing around the cauldron.
I stamped a witch in the sky. Drew and coloured the cauldron and added coloured (used inks) tissue paper for the flames.
Fussy cut the bottles and arranged them to hold the tags.
 Again I didn't want to cover the owl so just added gloss to its eyes.
Then made this mini book of spells. In it there is journaling places.
 Last pages :)
Made a pocket for some more hand made tags.
Then added a journal spot that I inked.                 
 Here is a photo to show the dimension of the holder of the Spell Book.
I am just so happy with how this turned out.
I have to make one for us, as the girls were disappointed when I told them it was for a swap...well they kind of told me I HAD to make one for us ;)

Onto My Day:
Worked all day, and for the next few days.

Hope you all had a creative day today.

Tracy :)


  1. wow!! tracy you put this together just beautifully..any witch would be proud to own this book..keep an eye on it..oops..i think that was a pun!!!..lolol..i thought i was a follower, but couldn't find me..thanks for following my blog..i love reading your blogs..as well as checking your art..tfs..loves ya

  2. Truly FABULOUS!!! This falls in the category of "WOW." :-) TFS.

  3. oh my this is just way too fun!! i love it!

  4. WOW! This mini is just amazing. I love it!! You are so talented! Claudia is so lucky to be in this swap with you.

  5. Your album is amazing! What a fun mini!

  6. Tracy - I will say it again. AMAZING!!!

  7. Great book :) What a fun project!

  8. How fantastic! You can totally see how much love you put into it!

  9. This is so fantastic! Awesome work! :)

  10. I already commented on your YT video about this book so you should know what I think. So many people are creating things themselves lately that I've been actually inspired with my own original ideas to do things. I just wish I didn't have 15 different projects piled on top of each other that I want to do first!

  11. Wow!! I have seen the movie " Hocus Pocus", and your book holder is spot on. The little mini is also awesome! I can't believe you did this for a swap. What a lucky person to receive this.

  12. Love your spell book! Very creative. TFS!

  13. Unbelievable! I love how you did the tissue paper for the "skin" what a cool technique! Those clear tags are awesome too, never would have guessed that the one was a result of a not fully stamped image. Claudia is one lucky lady! You put so much detail into all your work, love that about you :)

  14. WOW. Double WOW. This is amazing!! (And I'm one of those grateful types who really appreciates the pictures!)

  15. Fabulous mini book, so creative!!!

  16. This is awesome!!! You had asked me about Gesso, what it's used for. Gesso is a primer, I use it on my journal pages to provide "tooth" for the paints and goops and stuff that I use, so they don't seep into the pages. I also sometimes use it on ATC's and once in a while on cards. I use it for altering projects quite often (boxes, coasters, etc.) And yes, it was hard not to color those images on my journal pages! LOL :)

  17. This is seriously cool, Tracy! So very creepy! Awesome job! Knowing that you are such zombie fans, you REALLY do have to make one for your family! ;0)

  18. Tracy, I totally loooove this book! I would never have considered doing that cover, even if I had seen Hocus Pocus, (no, I haven't!) but this is just amazing! And you are so clever with how you come up with the ways to create the look you're going for. The lucky recipient is going to love this book!!

  19. This is FABULOUS!! Great cover and wonderful pages = WOW!!

  20. wow that is awesome. right out of harry potter that is.. I love it.

  21. Tracy, what an amazing mini! Your partner is so lucky! :) I love everything about it and I think my favorite spread is the wall with the changing photos. So stinkin' cool! Fantastic job. And nice nail polish by the way. Very festive!

  22. WOW! I so LOVE your spell book Tracy. *Ü* Love the front cover and all of the little details. This is my first visit to your blog - which I found on 2ps. Please would you let me know where you bought the little photos that change to scary? TFS. ~Glen~ (England)

  23. You do so amazing work Tracy. Love it :-)

  24. Oh, wow Tracy ... I just stumble on this one! The witch's scroll looks magnificent!! My hubby would drool on this ;-)
    I need to try & do it ... will not be as beautiful as yours though. Thanks for sharing!! ♥♥


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