Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Distressed ;)

Look What I Picked Up Today :)

Yup the new Tim Holtz seasonal series distress inks!!!!
I had to drive 45 minutes to the border to pick them up, but it was so worth it.
OK, OK, I also ordered the other colours I didn't have ;)

Oops forgot to put in the photo, I also bought the distress crackle paint in Walnut stain.
I then found out there is a clear version of this. I will have to get it on my next on-line order ;)
I wish I would have known earlier to order the Tim Holtz fall seasonal distress inks. But I found out about them way too late.
I did go to order the Fall ones on a different site but I they wouldn't fill my order because of where I lived :(

 I finally added the hot water to the Lindy's that Claudia and Theresa sent me :)
I don't know why I was so intimidated to add the water.
When I unscrewed the bottle on the right I thought that the straw thing was missing. Then I took the cap off and realized this one has a felt applicator. Sooo cool.

 Today I received some Happy Mail :)
Tina from Homemade Memories sent me some goodies and a beautiful card. These will go perfect with my travel journal :)
Sadly my photo doesn't do this card justice, it is stunning. I love that beautiful butterfly on the front, and the colours are so feminine.
Thank you so much Tina, you are a sweet heart :)

Onto My Day:

Heather and I made a run to the border, no not for taco bell, teehee.
It all started with Ashley ordering shoes with a gift card. So I figured if I am heading that way, I might as well order myself a little something ;)
Then we went for lunch.
When I got home I worked on my cover for my newest project.
I remembered why I haven't painted for a while, I am inpatient when I have to let the paint dry. The second reason, washing out my brushes.

I had to go to Black's to get some photos printed. This is the first time I am making a book to fit my photos.
For some reason the machine at Black's didn't want to read all of my photos on my jump drive (I think that is what it is called). But I did get most of them done.
Ran to Michael's. Pretty bad when (yet again) I walk out there with nothing :(     
I was hoping that they would have had some of the new $1.50 Christmas stamps, but Nope.

Watched Bones. Now going to check out some blogs.

Tracy :)


  1. YAY you finally put water in those babies! If you want some shimmer, Lindy's is awesome. I just bought the big vat of the Rock Candy crackle paint. I wanted to see how it worked. Normally I use regular crackle medium even though it's a ton more work but I like how it comes out. I passed on the seasonal TH inks so far. I'll wait to see what his spring and summer.

  2. YUM-EEEEE! Lovin all your colours. I have some of the same! I just started my collection a couple weeks ago. I have distressed finger tips 24/7! I hope you got the TH Distressing tool and pads? SO WORTH IT! Oh and try the TH Alcolol inks too? WOOHOO...Great haul!

  3. Beautiful new stamp pads my dear. And congrats for taking the plunge with the Lindy's. I have one set with the applicators and one set with the spray top. Didn't realize the bottle they sent me, that I sent to you, was the dabber or dauber or however you spell it. My point (I really do have one) is I don't like the dabber or dauber top at all. Either too much comes out, or not enough comes out. But...if you use your paint brush to apply it, you will be a happy camper. It's good stuff :).

  4. Yummy, Okay that is one thing I do have all of them of. LOL I haven't played with the new ones yet but will be tomorrow probably. Have a few cards to make.

    I am so glad you did it! they are awesome and you will love the lindy's. I like it better then glimmer mist.
    Okay girl, have a great weekend.

  5. these inks look awesome!

    have an awesome weekend

  6. You know, I just can't get in to the distress inks. Maybe I need to watch some videos, I MUST be doing something wrong. :) So sweet to get your happy mail, I'm with you, that butterfly it's beautiful! I went to Michael's yesterday too :) ended up spending my money on the girls though and not me, lol

  7. I'm officially jealous of that distress ink stash!

  8. are totally distressed!! LOL!! Look at all those inks! Didn't like the fall ltd. edition but am really thinking about the holiday stacks. TFS inky info!

  9. I love those inks! I asked for tons of them for Christmas, but no one in my family scrapbooks, so they are all a little intimidated to buy me scrapbook stuff. I'm hoping I get them!

    I hate when I go to Michaels and find nothing. But that happy mail is fabulous!

  10. i havent been to the border in years...

  11. Yay! I only have one Distress Ink, but I like it.

  12. Fun stuff!!! I only have one of these and I always forget to use it. :)

  13. I have one distress ink and I use it like my other inks. Just on edges. I hope I am using it right :)
    Anyway, love your fun mail! :)
    And let's just say that it has been a while since I walked out of Michael's with any scrappy purchases!

  14. Totally jealous of your TH score! Love the card that you got! That butterfly is positively darling. Glad that you had a good run to the border! Have a great 11/11/11! Amanda

  15. You - impatient?!! I would have never guessed. ;)

    Wow - you've got a nice stash of TH stamp pads there!

  16. Whoa! Love your haul share!!!! Woot! I've got one ink pad "tea stain" and I'm loving it! :D

  17. Lovely inks! I just bought my first TH distress ink last week! Have not used it yet, though!

  18. Oh so glad you rec'd it okay! I love your TH distress haul! I picked up some white picket fence distress stain at Archivers last weekend when I was in Nashville! I couldnt find it anywhere online! Tim has an excellent vid on how to use this stuff.. You may want to get yourself some this weekend he he
    Hugs my Friend!


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