Friday, November 18, 2011

Minneapolis here we come.

The morning started out Very early.
We were up just after 5:00 am, and left the house by 6:15 am.
And it was snowing.
It was snowing so much that you couldn't see the lines on the road. So I couldn't fall asleep at first. It was like this for about an hour and a half, then it cleared up.
But once I could see the road, I fell fast asleep. And slept off and on the whole 7 hours.
Our first stop......
The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
See Kristy sitting in the jeep. Doesn't she look so happy while I was shopping inside the store ;)

I was lucky enough to have been there while they were having a stamp sale :)
I guess it was like a garage sale, as there were a lot of used stamps for sale.
All these wooden blocked stamps were from the sale, I could have grabbed a lot more :)
The La La Land stamp wasn't one of the ones on sale, I also picked up some distress clear stickles.

They had some of the new G45 Primer paper. They didn't have the paper packs, so I picked up the single sheets. I also grabbed some beautiful Lost and Found papers.

Our next stop was Scrapbookers Too. Love this store.
See the pink and blue seasonal paper? It is really sparkly, I wish it would have shown up better.
I also picked up the 6x6 pack of the primer paper and the G45 Christmas stack. Funny thing is I have this Christmas paper at home. But I wasn't sure if it was the 12x12 or the 6x6, lol.
Also picked up some Neena paper :)

Picked up some dies and embossing folders.
Wayne enabled me with these, not that it took to much for me to grab them, lol.
They had buy 2 get one free.

I love to come here to pick up some Magnolia stamps.
Needed some foam pads (can't find these at home).
And these wood pieces are gorgeous.
Going to try my hand at some hand made some pearls with these liquid pearls. And I want to try out the distress stains :)

That is all for me tonight.
I will share my purchases from Joann's, Michael's, Archiver's and Target tomorrow, don't want to be a show off, lol.
Plus just in case I can't find anything tomorrow, I can share these....Like that's gonna happen ;)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Have fun and drive safe!

  2. Travel safe and have fun shopping in MPS. It is snowy and cold here. Happy to be at home working this weekend. Looks like you found lots of goodies along the way.

  3. Very nice start to your trip! Love all the Tim Holtz goodies. Be careful, be safe, and watch out for telemarketers.

  4. Great finds....SNOW!!! i'm bragging a bit here, but in the North....Ontario...NO SNOW YET!!!! It's almost unbelievable:0)
    have fun shopping ..

  5. ha ha, OH I SO WISH I was there shopping with you. Wouldn't that be fun. Love the la la stamp. Oh adorable.
    Got me some goodies today too. showing soon.

  6. Looks like a great pile of loot! ;) Have fun travels!

  7. This post was not only helpful but very useful too. Thank you for sharing this piece of your expertise with all of us. Cheers!

  8. Oh how exciting! Another trip to some awesome scrappy stores have fun! I went to Mikes today and bought the TH on the edge bracket die, some wooden buttons and a red frame from the 1.00 bin... Not a big spender today... he he
    Safe travels my friend!

  9. Looks like you are having a great time shopping at all those wonderful stores you have there and not here!! boo hoo but then you have travelled so far to get to them tee hee, have a great trip

  10. "But once I could see the road, I fell fast asleep."

    I hope you weren't driving! They say drinking and driving is dangerous, but I hear sleeping and driving in the snow is just as bad!!!

    JUST KIDDING!!!! Looks like a productive trip so far!

  11. Shopping + traveling = FUN! hehe.... have a safe and awesome trip!

  12. Great haul! I got your package yesterday! Thank you so much! I am excited to put it together!

  13. I always love it when you go shopping! I love those papers you picked up and the dies!

  14. Wow you can shop:)great shopping:):)
    Happy shopping have fun.
    Wish you a great weekend.:)

  15. So envious right now. I love just about everything you have here! The Tim Holtz stuff and the paper I'm just drooling over! Enjoy the rest of your scrap shopping trip!!

  16. Oh!oh!oh! LOVE the G45 papers you have there!!!

  17. Your Tim Holtz goodies are fabulous, you sure do know how to shop.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  18. Your husband is just as big an enabler as mine, Love that he supports my hobby the way he does. You got a great haul of things you lucky duckie. Although I just a new cricut cartridge in the post today. Oh and I got some of thos emisting bottles at our last fair and love them, way cool hehehe. Have fun Wendy x

  19. Oh, I love ALL the goodies you got :)


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