Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My man can move mountains....and rocks ;)

              I didn't get to create at all today :(
I worked all day, only to get up for bathroom brakes, lunch and to make supper. But thats ok, as I only have to work this hard for about a week a month, then just a couple of hours a day. And I can work in my jammies :) But I don't , lol.

I would rather do my book work then Hubby's work.
Yup that is the new bulldozer hubby (his company) bought a few months ago.
He just loves his job. Seriously it is in his blood.
Watching Survivor and then I'm going to work on my He-Art journal challeng.
I have no idea what I am going to do for this challenge though.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday

Tracy :)


  1. That is one honking' huge rock to move!
    An hour 'til survivor here!

  2. I agree that is a huge roche. Hurry and get your work done so I can see more of your creations. Good luck with your art journal.
    I was making Christmas cards and starting my December album I use for Christmas.

  3. No creating for me! But relaxing after work, so that's good =) What a huge bulldozer!

  4. The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys...or something like

  5. Whoa, that rock makes me think of chocolate truffles. Where did he move it to? I have an idea how you can maximize your work time and be done even sooner. Get a catheter and stop taking potty breaks! Just a thought...

    I only saw the cover of your mini and it FREAKED me out! Dang girlfriend, I'm scared to see what's inside. That cover is phenomenal. I haven't looked at the video. I did post another pic of your album though. A page I made for your girls. XO

  6. Wow! That rock is the mother of all rocks!!! :D

  7. wow that is one BIG boulder!!!

    can't wait to see you new page in your journal!

  8. Wow! That is a huge rock!

    I hate when I don't get to create! I haven't in dayyys! I hope you get to work on something soon!

  9. Trying to create like crazy, but nothing is working out for m-so I guess I'm not creating anything either. LOL! I could work in my jammies too, but also do not. I have to drive my daughter down the driveway to meet the bus and you just never know when the bus driver wants to "chat" with you about something. hee hee.

  10. I think you have the best job ever! I would love to work in my jammies! Wayne is like a modern day Fred Flinstone!!! Lol What do you think of Survivor so far this season? I can't wait to see what happens next week, the fallout after last night!

  11. Woah! That's a big rock!! Cool picture. :)

  12. Now that is a ROCK! HOLY BUCKETS! I would like to stand on it and be queen of the rock. Too bad it doesn't sparkle like a diamond. LOL

  13. Holy smokes that's huge! But it looks so FUN!

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