Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pretty colours and a movie vent

Look at all those pretty colours :)

I have been meaning to do this for a while now. I figured it was a no brainer to do while watching House and Castle last night.
What this is you may ask?
It is all my Stampin' Up marker colours.
I was colouring an image and wanted a bright red. Well the cap colours aren't the true colours of the marker inks, so this is way I can see the true colours of them :)

So what I did was punch out the paper.
I used Stampin' Up paper as I usually use that type of paper when I colour with these markers.

Then I coloured each tag.
The tags are tiny about 1/2" long.

Then I punch a hole on each one at the top.
Put them in some type of colour order and then strung them through a small key ring.

As I was colouring each one, I wrote the colour name on the back of the tags.
I attached this to the zipper on my case I use for these markers.
That way I can't lose them, teehee.
Onto My Day:
Went grocery shopping.
Took a nap ;)
Then went on a date night with my Baby...no not Wayne..Kristy. We went shopping and then to the movies.

She had a gift card for admissions for 2 people, and 1 popcorn and 2 pop. So she decided to take her mommy ;)
We went to see Paranormal Activities 3.
Now I know why hubby and I rather watch a movie at home.
People were so disrespectful and chatted and were loud through it.
Cell phones. They didn't ring, but the light is distracting when they text. These weren't kids either, they were women my age :(
Plus to top it off, a girl threw something at a couple of boys behing me and it hit me!!! Seriously, I did let her know I was not impressed.
Don't let me start on the guy behind me with the nervous foot on the back of my chair.

Proud Tuesday:
Cleaned the kitchen.
Kept my cool at the movies, but at the same time got my point across.
Walked around the house when I chatted with my SIL (for 1 1/2 hours), good way to get in my excercise ;)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Hey girl! Your tags are such a cool idea! Love it!

    Your lists of reasons pretty much top why I rarely go out to watch a movie anymore. (Maybe once every 3-6 months, if that.) I much prefer to watch from the comfort of my own home. Texters and chair kickers are my BIGGEST pet peeve while out. Also, those that just HAVE to sit directly beside, in front or behind you when the theater is more than 1/2 empty!

  2. This is genius!! I have got to do this. I always grab a marker and realize it's way too dark/light after I've colored part of my image and it's too late. Thanks for sharing this tip!!

  3. miss you, will catch up after the holiday. I am on that durn wheel again and not getting anywhere not even skinnier. LOL

  4. Great idea for your markers!!
    We don't go to the movie theatre very often either-maybe a couple times a year.
    Also the book I used for my Dec. daily is Fancy Pants Red Brag book.

  5. Such a cute idea! I bet it was fun to make! I never go to the movies. People think they are in their' living rooms. Before I had my daughter, I was a huge theatre fan. I love Broadway musicals. Talk about being disrespectful, in the middle of an actor's solo or monologue you'll hear a phone go off or some other rude nonsense -- hi, they can hear (and sometimes see) you! Wanna cut it out?! I guess when certain shows started selling popcorn and letting folks bring it to their' seats, it gave them the idea that they could act like idiots as if the other 1200 people in the theatre who paid $100 a ticket wants to hear you munching! Ah! Okay, this turned into a rant! lol. Let's just say, your day was much more productive than mine!


  6. I'm sorry you had such a bad movie experience, that is terrible that people behaved like that!

    But, I love your marker tags! What a great idea!

  7. Great idea!!! You have a lot of colors! And as far as the movie thing...I too hate it when people have their phones out because that light IS distracting. It's rude. Sorry about your bad experience. :(

  8. i love colours!!! especially neon ones.. i need neon every thing.


    im not a fan of the movie theatre.. every time i go there someone is always kicking my chair..

  9. What a great idea for your makers! You are so smart :) Sorry about your movie experience, I'm with you though, I would rather watch a movie at home...

  10. Wonderful idea to see all the marker colors accurately!

  11. Great idea to see your colors! Ugh, some people can be so rude!

  12. Great idea about the colors. Sorry about the movie!!

  13. Wow! You're just too good! I love how dedicated you are! Love the tags. They're inspirational.
    I simply do not go to the movies anymore. Exactly for all the reasons you mentioned plus sticky floors, inflated prices, and the uncomfortable seats. My children did get me out for "Rise of the Apes". Love love love that movie!
    Netflix is my best friend.

  14. Agh on the movie behavior!! Cell phones in the theta is my pet peeve. Seriously, trying to "shade the light" while texting; who are they fooling and YES it hugely distracts and detracts from the movie...ha, I had my vent there! ;0)
    Come organize my room when it is ready to be set up again!

  15. Fantastic idea, haven't got many markers yet but will follow your tip (friend of Pegs) xx

  16. Wow you've been busy since I've been gone. I'm jealous you got to see paranormal 3. I'm still trying to see 2.


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