Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple Tags

You know when you get an idea in your head and just have to try it out.
Well that happens to me a lot. Funny thing is, I usually end up forgetting about it before I get to trying it out.
Ya, ya I know, I should get my sketch book and jot them down.
But my book is down in my scrap/craft room. So what I have been doing is jotting them down on sticky notes, as I always have them in all over the house.

This is one of the ideas I had while I was working last week.
And I wrote it down this time ;)
The idea was to make tags with my chipboard scraps.
It is a tag made only with scraps.

I have so many little pieces of thick book board or chipboard left over from my mini albums and wanted to use them up.
Also lots of scraps, and I mean lots of scraps.
Chipboard letters that I have NEVER used.
Adhesive and of course my hand made tissue tape :)

I cut the chipboard with my Tim Holtz on the edge die, but you don't have to.
Cover the chipboard and the chipboard letter circle with paper, ink the edges and then punch holes in the tag and the circle (so it looks like a button).
Add the embellishments and its good to go :)
 Here is the back of the tag.
There is room to write a sentiment or just To: and From:

I have so many small pieces of chipboard, I can probably make one for every gift I give this Christmas.
I was going to make a Christmas one, but I wanted to share it on my blog....and nothing Christmasy til December.......wonder if I can last till then, lol.

Hope you all had a creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Thanks for the idea girl. awesome card. I love it and the tags. But then I want everything you make. LMAO!
    TFS and this is why I keep notepads or post notes everywhere.
    big hugs,Pea

  2. You're amazing. I finally caught up with your blog?!! Holy Hannah, woman.... I admire your energy.

  3. Great for you getting your idea sketch down. I am so not a make a sketch person. A lot of projects I just fly by the seat of my pants.
    Cute little tag. Do you make all your tags for Christmas gifts?
    How are you able to hold off posting nothing Christmasy( I don't think it is a word, but see you used it too) until Dec. You are doing way better than me.

  4. Well we know I have issues so I just plain forget what it is I want to write down and I have pads, paper, sketchbooks, sticky notes and a dry erase board all over the house. You would think I would do it the instant a thought comes, I think I forget I had a thought LOL.

    Cute tag! That one looks like it could be used for Christmas too. It has a nice wintry feeling about it. I have so many projects all going at once, again that I'll have to settle for using up my scraps to make the tags for next Christmas. I'll be doing them in January when I'm snowed in.

  5. How cool! Darn! I just got rid of a bunch of chipboard that I had laying around gathering dust. Wish I would have thought of this first. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. What a great idea! I make all our Christmas tags too, and was waiting until December to share Christmas stuff, but I got so excited about our Christmas card, I shared it already - oops!

  7. This is so cute! I love the button and what a great way to use your scraps! I have started carrying a notebook with me at all times now to avoid the post it issue :)

  8. This is really cute! I love using all my scraps too!

  9. Christmas start right after Halloween for me ;o) Your Tag is great... I think we all have scraps LOT & LOTS of them, most just to pretty to through away LOL
    I'm excited to see the Christmas Tags ;o) Hugs

  10. Love your tag - think I might have to pick up that edge die!

  11. Lovely tag! Always a great idea to sketch an idea down before we forget it! I know sometimes it is months before I get around to something I thought of. Then I can't remember the details. lol...

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  13. Oh boy, no way could i wait till december...i've been making my christmas cards for a couple months now to be able to send them out Dec 1st or your tag...the vintage look is awesome..please drop by my blog there may be a surprise for you...

  14. What a unique tag, Tracy! Of course, all your stuff is unique. I was thinking how cute it would be for a bookmark after it's done being a tag.

    My best ideas always seem to come to me just before I doze off in bed at night, and ya know I ain't gonna write it down! So, most of the time they're forgotten by morning. LOL! I did think of one the other day, and I actually remembered it the next day!

  15. Great idea - love your tags. I always have little scraps too and not enough ideas to use them all up. Will have to remember this! :)

  16. Oh gorgeous the style and colours.......


  17. Great idea! I have lots of very nice chipboard that I should be using...


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