Saturday, November 5, 2011

I think I may have made a mistake ;)

         This was the view from our backyard tonight.
Doesn't that look eerie and beautiful at the same time.
I looks more blue in the photo, but to the actual eye it is more black/grey.
Onto My Day:

I slept in ahhhhhh.
Actually I only slept in for a bit, but then just relaxed in bed for a loooong time...why.....because I could ;)
Then Heather, Kristy and I checked out an open house at the end of our street.
They built 2 new homes. So we checked it out.
It is 1800sq.feet, it has 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, attached garage. The basement was unfinished except for one of the bathrooms and the laundry room (which was huge, it was as big as a bedroom).
They were asking $398000.00!!!! I know the house market right now is crazy, but wow.
I joked with the kids that we should sell our house (we would make nice profit) and live at our cottage until the house market gets better, lol.  But a 2 hour commute one way would be a bit much, lol.
The girls told me we should buy it.
But I told them I couldn't buy a house so close to our home. You can see ours from the livingroom.
I would be sad seeing another family living in our home. Is that wierd?

Ran to Michael's. They had some beautiful Christmas papers in. Sadly I didn't get any as I have 2 sterilite containers full of just Christmas paper.
But I did do an online purchase....are you proud of me, lol.
I bought the new Tim Holtz holiday distress inks, oh and a few distress inks that I didn't have, oh and some of his distress crackle paint. I HAD spend $50.00 to get free shipping....even though I am going over the border to pick them up, lol.
I think I made a mistake. I got a new visa card just for online shopping. I made sure it has a smaller limit just in case someone hacks it. Yes I am paranoid.

Hope you all had a creative day today. The most creative I got was putting away all my supplies for last night ;)

Tracy :)


  1. I do not like going past our old house either-nothing like seeing changes to what you did and you wonder what they did not like! Mind you, when we buy, we do lots of changes, so i feel bad for those that sold their house to us. :0P
    MAde some candles, but no card stuff-dh wants to move my stuff around because we have flooring to install.
    Beautiful picture!

  2. No it's not weird at all. I said that I would never drive down the street of the house we grew up in. I just couldn't stand to.

    The photo looks like a beautiful painting or a still from an eerie movie. It makes me want to howl. LOL!

  3. Beautiful photo--it does look rather eerie.
    I was at Michael's today--but not for me--to pick up a basket to put Harlee's dollhouse stuff in and some Meringue powder for Kirsten.
    I love the Distress Inks and have the holiday ones coming too.
    Have a great Sunday and I hope you get to do some crafty projects.
    I like looking at open houses. But stay in my little one.

  4. Gorgeous photo, I love eerie! I just ordered a couple of TH dies the tag and bookplate and the Lamp Post *swoon* And I just found out that there is a brand spanking new LSS that just opened up yesterday and its about 20 minutes from me. I'm going today and I am SO SUPER EXCITED!!!! Can you tell LOL

    Beware of housing markets. I sold (my only sale)first house which was 3200 sq ft, 4 bedrooms 3 1/2 baths over an acre of property on a culdesac for $365K The house originally sold for $398K and the other houses in the neighborhood had sold up to $650K at the height of the market. Crazy I know. Now most people can't pay their loans. People are not buying because banks aren't giving loans even to qualified people and house prices are supposed to go even lower. Talk about crazy. Maybe I should move to Canada and be a real estate agent there. I'll buy the house down the street from you ;)

  5. I know how you feel, my family still own the house my sis and I grew up in. My mom can't bare to let it go, even all the goo/cracks are part of our memory.

  6. That is a gorgeous photograph! You'll have to think of something crafty to do to showcase it.

  7. Wonderful photo Tracy. Our old home is in the historical area and we pass by it frequently. It alsways makes me sad or mad that they don't care of it the way we did.

  8. Ooohhh, that picture is cool! Would have been better if it was that way on Halloween! I'm with you, would be hard to see someone else living in our home. I hope you share your new goodies when they come in, and yes, I am proud of you for ordering online. Lol

  9. Gorgeous photo! I would get that one framed. :-)

    Someone hacked my credit card after a purchase I made online. Not fun. :-( BUT the bank caught it and called asking if I purchased airline tickets to the Middle East. Yikes! They cancelled and issued me a new card. But it was two weeks before Christmas and I still had shopping left. :-/ So it's good that you are being so careful. Can't wait to see what you create with your new purchases!

  10. I hear ya, it's a good time to buy a house! Love the photo--looking forward to seeing more creations from you soon!

  11. I love the picture! I wouldn't be able to see other people living in my house either. That would make me very sad. Ordering online is great, but dangerous. I forget how much stuff I am buying when I don't actually see it piling up in my arms!

  12. I made that very same mistake….. lol, but now in to scared to just take the plunge and order internationally. I’m so frustrated with the limited options when it comes to scrapbooking and stamping supplies here in South Africa.!
    Great photo!

  13. First, I am proud of you for not giving into the splurge on the Christmas papers! I think it's funny that you bought so much Tim Holtz stuff, isn't that stuff the best?!! I don't blame you on that purchase. And no, you're not paranoid about the credit card thing. I bought a reloadable debit card from the grocery store just for that purpose. I only put about $30 on it at a time and I earn gas points when I use it too. One can never be too careful these days!

    Oh, and I would think it to be strange to be able to watch other people living in your old house every single day. Especially if they don't treat it well.

  14. The housing market in Ontario is completely different from the housing market pretty much anywhere in the U.S. It's dreadful here. Prices have crashed...and they continue to go down. The commenter above was correct when she said people aren't paying their loans and banks are being stingy about who they give mortgages to. Thankfully we don't have to sell, because in this market where we are, the value of our home has gone down....not a rosy picture.


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