Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A trip to the mall.

I had some errands to do today, so called Ashley at work to meet me at the mall for lunch.
They had this display in the food court.
It is for the Christmas food drive.
I thought this was a pretty creative way to help put the point across to fill up some one's home with food.
The paper chain tree was a nice touch as well. I see they aren't finished painting the display though.

 Last Saturday, Bath & Body Works opened up.
This is the first one in our town. I heard that the mall was packed.
Funny as they are right beside Lush.

Onto My Day:
I didn't get a chance to work on my mini album. So much for wanting to have it finished by Thursday :(
I am working on my Challenge page for the He-Art Journal right now.
I ran into my brother at the mall. We should have gone to lunch together, but I guess neither one of us thought of he was walking out of the mall with Taco Time ;)

I went to get 5 more photos done. I wanted them pretty small to fit into something. Well when I went to pick them up, the guy asked me if anyone told me there was a $10.00 charge to re size each one......WHAT, no actually he didn't, lol.
So he just charged me for the one. I also told him that I think that the photos are way to small. So he said he will redo them at no charge ;)
So I will pick up the new ones tomorrow.
I also went to my LSS and picked up some adhesive, I was on my last roll.
Adhesive and a stamp, yup that's it....they didn't carry my advent calendars either, but her husband said she will look into it ;)

Hope you all had a creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I went to bath and body on Saturday.. It was packed... Went today and it was quiet :) I love that store

  2. Oh wow! That is very creative. Love how the wall are can goods.

  3. I have a funny Bath and Body story to tell you.
    Last week we went to our mall to get Curtis a new coat. We were in Herbergers, our dept. store and finished up. Curtis asks me- Do you want to check out Bath and Body?? I say, sure, but first I want to take our purchases to the car, so I don't have to carry them all around the mall.
    We are out at the car and I head back into the mall, he stops me and says get in the car. I say--but Bath and Body is just close to where we have been.
    Curtis says, I want the Bath and Body way at the other end---I laugh, because he is talking about Bed, Bath and Beyond.
    It's a wonder we can communicate most days.

  4. That is a very cool display. Never seen anything like it. We have a Bath & Body Works in our local mall too.

  5. That is a really neat display.

  6. Very cool display! And unique :)
    $10 per photo?? :-O
    Glad he didn't charge for all of them!

  7. What a cool display! We just have big barrels here, kind of boring, but it gets the job done I guess :) Seems like all the stores are packed right now, but especially the new ones that are opening.

  8. I love the colors in the display. How fun! Haven't been to the mall so I don't know what kind of holiday displays there are but kinda looking forward to seeing them. Thanks for sharing these!

  9. Wow that is a neat way to display the cans of food! Love it! Have fun on your trip this weekend!

  10. Love bath and body works. I really love the candles and home scents too. Hope you get in some creative time today! :)

  11. That house looks like something super creative that YOU might have cooked up (no pun intended). Brooke's school is doing a food drive and I sent in 3 heavy bagfuls today. One of the things I make sure to do every year along with Toys for Tots.

    We have a Bath & Bodyworks here in our little town, but never heard of Lush. I rarely shop at B&BW even though I love going into the store!

    Hopefully you have more creative happening going in tomorrow. I've decided to do one last craft show, so I guess I'm at it again!

  12. That is one cool display! Hope you get time to work on that mini album....can't wait to see it!!

  13. That is a neat display. I've never seen anthing like that.

  14. Adhesive and A stamp? *shakes head* Too much self control, too much self control. ;)

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