Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What is your secret ?

I have been working and am focused on my newest mini album.
So because of that I have no new projects to share with you.
But I have another photo to share with you.
Heather took this photo last year when she was doing Project 365. She was doing a picture a day, no journaling though.
Actually Wayne and all the girls were doing this. The girls even put suggestions in a hat so if they got stumped they would get an idea from there.
What she did here was tape the lock to her wrist ;) Yes she raided my craft room, teehee.
She is so clever.
Heather just has a point and shoot camera, not a big boy one like Wayne and Ashley.

Onto My Day:
Like I said I was planning the pages for my mini album. I did start on the front cover :)  Funny as the cover is always one of the last things I do.

I have been playing with my new laptop and learning more about it.
One thing I love about it, is that my email is nicely organized. When I get a new comment for my blog, they are all organized under that post in my email, not scattered amongst other emails :)
What I am having a problem with is signing in to google.
When I leave a message on someones blog, I have to sign in every time, then sign in again to do the word verification, then sign in yet again to make sure it went through. Frustrating.

Watching the end of Survivor. Its good, but thought there would have been more drama at the beginning of the show ;)

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Can hardly wait to see your new mini album.
    Sorry google is giving you issues. It would be indeed frustrating!!!
    Heather is a creative photographer too. Good for her.
    I did get to work a little on my Dec. Daily.'
    I need to balance our check book, but I keep getting distracted. Kirsten and the little ones were just here for a short visit.

  2. Heather is so creative and talented. I wonder who she takes after? Hmm.... lol! Hope you get the Google thing worked out. That would drive me nuts! Congratulations on getting your new laptop.Have fun playing on it.:-)

  3. Hi Tracy! Yay for getting a new laptop! I am just as bad as pating with my old ones. Thank goodness for Mozie because I am terrible at remembering to back up. I just set it for backup three times a day and it automatically does it for me... I tired the external hardrive thing for awhile and it crashed on me too. As for google I've been having the same issue for months now. I total agree it is more that frustrating. I have to end loging in and out multiple times. Heather's picture is wonderfully creative. I really like their idea of throwing misc ideas in a hat to draw on for 365 project, I've thought about doing 365 but I have enough problems remembering pictures for 25 days of Cmas album...LOL. Have fun playing with your new laptop!

  4. Where did you get this lock & key? I love it!!

  5. What a great picture it looks so spooky attached to her arm, I had the same thing with google sign in but it just stopped doing it one day!!! odd....

  6. you have such a creative family! what a cool picture!

  7. All of your girls are so creative, I love it!!! The only thing I can figure about signing in is that there is al little box you can click that says remember me. Make sure that is checked. Other than that, I'm clueless :)

  8. Wonderful photo! She really has some very creative ideas! I hope she sticks with it!

  9. Thanks for the post on my blog, am scouting some other markets so hopefully things will get moving, Love Love Love the two pics you posted yesterday and today, you have very talented daughters who obvioulsy take after you,

  10. The creativity in those photos are amazing!! Thanks for sharing them.

  11. that picture is awesome! i love it... very creative..

  12. I have to do that too with my laptop!!!! It's crazy!! And cool photo...very creative! :)

  13. hey I have had that same problem before myself. what I did to fix it was deleted google chrome and reinstalled it on my laptop. so if you dont have google chrome try getting it to see if it changes the issues. if you do have it like I already did then delete it and reinstall it. that fixed the problems I was having leaving comments. I actually found that fixer on a google site I was reading about help issues. give it a try if you want. worked for me.

  14. What a creative picture! Your daughter is so talented.

  15. You all are so creative. That picture is fabulous. Can't wait to see your mini album.

  16. That photo is so stinkin' cool. I never think of cool stuff like that when I'm snapping photos. So super creative. Can't wait to hear more about your new project!

  17. That photograph is so creative! I always do my covers last too, and the few times I've done it first, I was so flummoxed, it took me forever to do the inside!

  18. REALLY cool photo!!! I'm so impressed!

  19. Very cool photo!

    That sounds like a pain in the butt with google. Try using another browser. (And if you're using Internet Explorer 9.0, that's why!)


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