Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Card and a Tag Video

Here is one of the cards I had made last night for Friday Night Scrapbooking.
I had seen this card HERE, that Dani had made on her blog, and I just fell in love with it.
I thought I had that same punch...guess I had a dream that I bought it.
So I had to use a different punch.
I also liked the pinks she used on her cards. But I used my scraps and I only had the blues that varied in colour, so work with what you have right ;)
I like how it turned out, but I still like Dani's better ;)

Here is the inside of my card.
Plain and simple, but fits the purpose ;)

I was tagged in another video.
2013  New Years Kick Off tag.
I am sure you are getting tired of my face and my chatting, but here it is.
I know I said I was hoping to get my giveaway video up.
But not only was I super busy, but not to many of my blogging friends check out my blog during the weekend.
I guess they all have lives, lol.
So I will put it together tomorrow.

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I like the way it turned out! Lol on "dreaming" you had the same punch. Guess what you will be shopping for? :0D

  2. Love your take on the card! Dani is so talented and sweet!

  3. I like your card, the punch pattern looks really good.

  4. Pretty card. Will have to check out your video, when I get off my desktop and on to my IPad. I have no speakers on my desktop.

  5. A wonderful card Tracy - another use for those scrap pieces too. Great video - braver than me LOL!

  6. Hi

    Your card is gorgeous and I love the design and colours,maybe i will do one myself:):)

    Wish you a lovely week:)


  7. I love the card! The monochromatic colors are great.

    Your Friday night scrapbook dates sound so wonderful, and its so cool that your sister in law keeps her things with you. I like your pool table idea - although I think AJ (who often talks about wanting a monogrammed pool table) would agree with Wayne!

  8. Love this card. It's like a fancy artsy fartsy paint chip! lol

  9. Lol, your curls looked great, but you kept cracking me up with your subtitles about "that piece". I don't think I would have even noticed it if you wouldn't have mentioned it! I think you need to work on Wayne a little more about covering that pool table! Your card looks awesome! I loved Dani's too!

  10. Well Tracy, I love your card too! I was thinking this could be done with so many border stamps and colors of cardstock. I might try it with a small pattern paper in different shades of one color.

    And ladies, you are all so sweet! I sometimes doubt my work and you all made me feel so good, so for that, THANKS!!!

  11. I love your card and I loved Dani's too.
    They are just different but both beautiful in their own way...i think i should write a song now! teehee

  12. This would be great for a man card.Nice and simple.Guy cards are so hard to make sometimes.:)


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