Monday, January 21, 2013

Failing at Smashing

Here are a couple of pages I did in my Travel Smash book.
I used my recipe cards to journal on.
I used part of the paper bag, from Blicks, as a pocket for other bits and pieces.

More journaling...this page is more for Wayne ;)

Now you may wonder why my title says Failing at Smashing. Well look at the dates on the pages.
The first page was from 2011. And I have only done until February 2012.
We have gone on more get aways since then.
I think one of the reasons why I haven't kept up is I don't take it with me.
How easy would it be to do a bit while sitting in the hotel room in the evening.
Another reason, I don't like the pages.
Seriously some of the pages freak me out. Like this guy.
I'm sure he is a nice guy, but I really don't want his mug in my book, and I don't mean his coffee mug.
I guess I will be covering up this page ;)

I really love this idea of a Smash book. I know all it really is, is an ol' time scrapbook.
I want to have a few for different topics. Or one that I just fill in as the year goes by.
What I am thinking of doing is making my own book with papers that I really like.

So do you have a Smash book?
And if you do, how do you use it.

Onto My Day:
I texted a blog friend today...quite a bit actually. I bet she didn't get as much done as she was hoping to because of me, lol.  I wonder if she wishes we didn't exchange digits, lol.
I had to go out in this painfully freezing day.
My car starter would run for a minute and then quite. So I restarted it, ran for another minute then stopped. Not impressed as it was -30C most of the day.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I have a smash journal that I made myself. I like it better that the premade ones. I use it kind of like an old fashion srapbook, like the kind I had when I was 10, and just put stuff in it- without all the added decorations. I don't really 'smash' as I am neater than that. I just put a few photos and a few memorbilia that I have collected. And so far, I have pretty much gone in order of dates.
    I also made a couple for my daughter too!!

  2. I bought one las t year....have I used it? Uhhh, no. BUT I PLAN to take it to Mexico and use it there!

  3. Pretty nippy here today too - Emily had indoor recesses today, that wind was biting. Andy emailed me and said it was -43 with the windchill in Windypeg! I got Shannon a Smash book for Christmas and yep some of the pages are a bit naff, but as you say - we can cover them up:-)

  4. this looks great!!!- i do not have a smash journal but they do look like so much fun

  5. I think your pages look great and yes, it would be super easy to work on pages in the hotel room at night if you took a little kit with you. I never got a Smash album - I am into too many other things and I wouldn't keep up with it. But I love your idea of using papers you like - great way to use up the stash! :)

  6. You certainly are in the deep freeze!!!!!
    I used a Smash book when we went to Hawaii last spring. I covered the pages I didn't like and it made it more Hawaii friendly. I guess I should post some photos!

  7. I love your Smash book, no matter how often you've smashed in it :) I have that one I made, out of a sketch book, that I just put ideas in. I haven't smashed anything in awhile though. You know, it's funny, I got more crafty stuff done yesterday texting with you than I do on a normal day!! I think it's because I knew we would be checking in with each other!! I love that we exchanged numbers :) lol!

  8. Love the smash book and have bought several...for other people. ACK! I would like to get one, there is a challenge going on, 30 days of smash, or something like that where it is all about YOU. YOur favorite this, and favorite that...I might do it, but am kind of afraid that it will just sit there, kind of like every other project I try to do. :/

    And yeah, I agree about covering up that dude's face...that's a little creepy! ;)

  9. I think these pages look great! I would definitely be covering up the guy page though. LOL!

  10. I'm with you, I'd rather make my own pages for a book. Don't understand why they would put some guy's photo in a journal. So many options these days for our scrapbooking and journaling.

  11. I love the idea of a smash book too, I think I have 5 of them. Never used them. haha

  12. Love Blick! My son is an Art major so i get to go there a few times per semester. I never got into the Smash book thing. I'm too lazy, LOL.

  13. I use my smashbook to paste in images from magazines that I love...usually decorating ideas. And I definately cover up creepy page backgrounds too:)

  14. I love the idea of an old style scrapbook smashbook. I know I've saved things from our trips but I bet they're scattered all over the house. lol

  15. You know, I like the idea of a smash book, but I've never done one! The idea of it is quite appealing though!

    That guy's mug is quite...interesting. I don't think I'd want him making an appearance in my book either!

    I'm sorry that your car wouldn't start today. That is no fun! I hope it is starting better now!

  16. who could ever be sorry to exchange digits. Nah, probably way more fun texting with you then doing all the day to day crap. LOL

  17. hmmm, I wondered what the purpose of a SMASH book was. I wish I had a binding thing to make one for my upcoming would be an easy way to hold onto memorabilia :) Maye I should buy one that has a creepy dude in it, lol


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