Sunday, January 6, 2013

All my Cards from 2012 and a new one ;)

Here is a card that I had made for a friend of mine that had bought a new house.
She had bought it a few months ago (or more) and I have yet to mail much for that procrastination thing I was working on.

 I attached a really tiny key to the hand of the Pure Innocence image,

Just for you Becky...the money shot ;)
I paper pieced her dress and coloured the rest of the image with my Copic markers.

Here is the inside.
I inked the recipe/index card to go more with the background colours.

I made a video the other day of all the cards I have made last year.
It is a bit of a lengthy slide show, so grab a drink of your choice (let it be tea, coffee, pop or wine...I won't judge ;) and enjoy the show.

YouTube was real slow tonight, as it took 5 hours to download this one.

I hope you all have had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That card is so sweet and your friend is going to just love it. Where did you find the tiny key. I find it so hard to get charms here in Western Canada. I won at a challenge and have a credit at the Ribbon Girl in UK. I think I am just going to order charms and pay the postage myself...I may even add a few pounds sterling and get myself a good charm collection for card making.

  2. Forgot to mention that I can't watch the card video as there is something wrong with my computer and I can't access u tube videos or any type of videp on blogs. Think I need a visit from my daughter!

  3. aww this is so cute!! I love how she's holding the little key. Perfect!

  4. this card is just way too cute and that little key is just totally perfect!!! love it

  5. Cute! can't watch the video as I must get ready for work! I am sure they are all fabulous! ( and I probably watched you make one or two!) have a good day.

  6. I love that card and the little key!
    I can relate to the procrastination thing. It's something I need to work on too.

  7. Cute card and that little key just adds the finishing touch. Will be back to check out your card video. No creating time for me--maybe today.

  8. Such a sweet and thoughtful card. The key is the perfect finishing touch. :)

  9. She is so sweet holding that cute little key!!
    And how cool that you created that card video!

  10. Love the new card - as do I all your creations. Fabulous slide show, enjoyed my cup of coffee! I didn't count, so how many did you do?! Have a great week.


  11. Its not really procrastinating, you were just waiting for her to get settled into her new home. See how thoughtful you are? :) Nice money shot, you know hire I love those! That key is perfect, its like that image was made for it! Five hours is a long time... You have some serious patience my friend :)

  12. Such a cute new house how she is holding the key.

  13. I love how she is holding the key for the new house card! That is just adorable!

    I'll have to watch the video at home. The internet at school isn't letting me :( But at least I can have a glass of wine at home!

  14. Love the little key as well! I guess I have a new home card or 2 I could do; one for a friend that moved homes and another for one of my CTMH club ladies who moved- I will make hers for the next meeting we have. :0)

  15. Awww, that's such a cute card. She's holding a key too, adorable.


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