Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dec. Daily...yes...still.

I did work on my last December Daily today.
Because Heather doesn't want any journaling on her pages I have to find other ways to fill in the page.
The number one way is to make a border or header.
I am also using up a lot of my stash of dimensional stickers :)
I am so close to completing this project....I can see the finish line :)

Onto My Day:
Went on the treadmill again this morning. I remember a time when I loved my treadmill. I would walk, jog and even run on it. I looked forward to putting my earbuds in my ears and keep pace to the music.
I hope we have that love affair again :)

I went out today....3 times, and the thing that is so wrong about that is it was -25C / -7F and that was without the windchill...brrrrr.
I had to do some errands this afternoon, so figured I would run into Michael's. Well you know since I was out anyway ;)

I noticed this morning that I got my days mixed up. I posted last night thinking it was Thursday.
So here I am with an extra day to my week :)
What would you do if you had an extra day to your week ?

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Liking the borders you added!
    We had cold last week, now we are in a meltdown, which I kind of hate- all the mess and then when it freezes up again, there is ice under the snow, making it hazardous. :0(

  2. Ooh I love that layout! That reindeer in the picture is hilarious! You can keep that cold weather. Next week we're supposed to have a low of 7 above (F) which is bad enough. We haven't had below zero temps long term in a long time and I don't miss it.

  3. Yep -pretty chilly here last night -31c with the windchill - not supposed to get much better today. So glad you included that huge reindeer - still can't believe how big he is. An extra day to use, silly question really, craft!! Have a great day.

  4. I just realized exactly how hard it must be to do a whole album with NO JOURNALING!!!!!! You are a saint. Seriously, the things we do for our kids. Lol! I've got the itch to run to Michaels too... Maybe this weekend. If I had an extra day, and all the cleaning was done, I'd craft, of course!

  5. oh keep warm!!!! how cold!!

    your dd is so awesome!!!!!

  6. No journaling? Oh, my. These youngsters thinking they will remember everything without ever writing things down :-) What a lovely page with the reindeer. Hope you keep warm!

  7. Cute page - love that border and the reindeer. Stay warm! That sounds just bitterly cold to me. I've been listening to podcasts when I walk lately - the conversation keeps me occupied and makes the workout go faster! :)

  8. LOL - Still, right? :)
    Very cute page!
    And I thought it was cold here!
    Nothing like what you are dealing with!!

  9. Love the borders, we were at -6 and I thought it was cold lol

  10. Yay for an extra day! I would craft. Or nap. Or eat lots of junk because calories don't count on extra days!

    It is way too cold there! I hope you are staying warm.

    I love the December Daily page, it looks great! And it is a great way to use up your stickers. So you can buy more stickers :)

    I'm sorry your love affair with the treadmill has run cold, I hope you can rekindle your love :)

  11. Looks great!! Love that deer! :)

  12. Cold here too, but not that low. Terrific DD. almost there


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