Friday, January 4, 2013

December Daily Date Labels.

Tonight I worked on my Daughter's December Daily's.
If you remember, I was planning on making one for each of my 3 daughters.
I had already made the cover pages.
I had printed out the photos.
So tonight I thought I would get it all done......NOT.

This is all I managed to do tonight.
Make 3 sets of number labels for each page.
I was thinking of stamping the numbers, then I thought of using stickers. But then the best idea came to me.....

The first thing I did was get my daughter Kristy to print up from the computer, the days of the month.
Now if I did it, it would have taken me all day to figure out the size and spacing.
So I know better, and handed it off to Kristy :)
It only took her two tries to figure out the spacing for my punch to fit in between each number.

After punching out all 93 of them, I then inked them all with one of my favourite coloured inks.

After I was content with the inking, I then punched out the background out of this burgundy (even though it looks bright dark pink) cardstock with the scallop oval punch.

Lastly I adhered all the 93 numbers to the fronts of the 93 punched out scallop ovals.
Now this took me most of the night.
Another reason it took me most of the night, is because at first I was going to punch them out with my scallop circle punch. But after punching out 93 scallop circle pieces of cardstock, I came to the conclusion that I think I would like the oval shape better.
I wonder why it takes me so long to finish anything, lol.

I did quickly place each photo and label in the correct sleeve of the album.
Hopefully I will be able to journal and put them together tomorrow.

Onto My Day:
I received a welcoming surprise visit from my girlfriend Deb. I love when my friends visit. But do they always have to show up when my house is a mess and I have to rush to get dressed. Well I guess I would never see them if I waited for that to happen, teehee.
Thank you for your short visit Deb, I always love to see you. Sadly she had to go back to work, so our visit was short

I hope you all have had a creative Friday and enjoy your weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. I spent a could of hours at the hospital with my gf and her dd I had mentioned. I dropped off a "hope" frame I made for her as she is being flown down to BC children's. If you can send a little prayer or healing vibes for her, I would be grateful...

  2. That looks like a big job! The numbers look great and I agree with you about the kids. I had to compile about 5 short videos into one of our horse (we're selling him) and I didn't even bother trying. Just gave my dd all 5 videos and she made one very nice one, complete with transitions.

  3. well I would have so cheated and punched the numbers out of old calender pages;)
    then the outside scallop. cheater I know. LOL
    a visit from friends is always welcome. Even if they see me in my jammies. My house is clean!well except for the craftroom. oh boy what a total mess!Yay. now I just need a mommy break and we are set.

  4. Fabulous idea Tracy and you will also have all the circles punched for sentiments in the future :-) Have a fab weekend:-)

  5. I love your date labels!
    I'm a little slower on my DD daily than I'd like to be too. I had big plans yesterday of getting 8 pages finished and only managed 3.
    Wish me luck for today.

  6. Looks like you had fun! I rested as I had said. Thank you for allowing me in :). And I couldn't tell ya what the house looked like - just enjoyed the visit!....hope to craft with you this week. Enjoy your to yogalates .

  7. Great job getting all your labels with the dates. That was a big job with doing 3 sets. Have a great weekend. Worked Friday, off Sat. and work Sun. That's my weekend.

  8. That's a lot of numbers hehe... Very nice color for numbers. Hope you finish it soon so we can see the final project. =)

  9. Can't wait to see how the boks turn out, but the numbers look great. I know what yu mean....I frequently go to my son when I need something done on the computer. Have a great weekend!

  10. Thanks for your kind words...could you give a link to your daughter unlocking her secrets?

    I have lots of plans for helping my word along. I am (for the first time) going to try Tims tags. I don't have the right embossing plate for this month so I am going to use one that is embossed keys...then i am going to substitute real keys for the metal bits he used. i won't put it in his challenge...just on my blog and maybe in a couple of ordinary tag challenges.

  11. The tags are so great! I love how you are doing the numbers. I am so impressed that you got all 93 of those done in one night!

  12. Oh man, I'm not good with the computer stuff like that either and would have to had something like that off to Mike. Kristy did a great job with spacing and I love the oval punch too! Glad you got to visit with your friend Deb :)


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