Thursday, January 10, 2013

December Daily. One down, two to go

I am done!!!!
Now don't get to excited for me, I am only done Kristy's December Daily.
I still have Ashley and Heather's to finish.
But one down...2 to go.

So I thought I would share with you a couple of the pages I had put together for Kristy.
I love this page, of course my girls are on it, maybe thats why ;)
I actually like the layout of this page as well.
I am really having fun with this smaller 6x6 size.
I used a rub-on, on the bottom border strip.

Again I used a rub-on. It is really neat the hearts have a bit of sparkle on them.

As I worked on this mini I fell into my old habits again.
Double page spreads.
Even though the background paper is different there is still a flow to the pages.
It flows because
-the photos and journaling are backed with the same coloured paper.
-the layout is the same, but mirror image.
-the bottom border strip flows along the two pages.
It flows baby ;)

Onto My Day:
Cleaned the house up a bit.
Totally balanced year end...I am now living in 2013 ;)
 Worked on Kristy's Dec. Daily most of the afternoon.
Kristy and I made Finn Pancakes for supper.
I cooked some bacon in the oven, I like it better that way. I put it on a rack, so most of the grease dripped off the bacon, into the bottom of the baking dish, and because the bacon was on a rack, it didn't sit in the grease, so so good. 

Thankful Thursday:
I am Thankful for
Everyone who liked my Facebook page. Thank you :)
Feeling a bit better every day.
Being creative today
Finishing a project

What are you thankful for today ?

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)            


  1. Great accomplishment for today-getting one DD finished. Yeah!!!! I am working on mine. And balancing year end. Yeah!!!!

  2. yummy bacon. I've done it that way before too. Sometimes I still do it on the stove. Depends on my mood. Great layouts and congrats on getting one of three DD's done!

  3. loving your dd!! it looks just fantastic - i totally love the clean look!!

  4. Your girls are going to treasure these albums! Congratulations on getting one complete. Sounds like you had a busy day. Never tried bacon in the oven, but this sounds like such a good idea.

  5. It looks great!!! I love sparkly rub ons! That is so awesome you balanced for the year, probably a big relief. Now you can create more! Bacon sounds good, but I'm at work and will have to eat my oatmeal... Since I'm reading this a day late... I'm thankful it's Friday.

  6. The pages look great! Congrats on balancing 2013. Off to like your facebook page. :)

  7. Cute page design!
    It's got to feel good to have at least one done! :)
    Just liked your FB page!

  8. Your December Daily looking great!

  9. These look great! I can't believe you're doing a DD three times! :)

  10. I love your pages! Yay for being 1/3 of the way done!

    Even when I do one page spreads, I try to have them coordinate. Because double page spreads are my favorite :)

    Bacon cooked in the oven is the best way! Its so easy, and if you line the pan with tin foil, the clean up is so simple too!

  11. Yeah you! You are so getting it on. Mmmmm Baconnnnn! I can smell it from here! (Oh Andy just cooked some LOL!). Welcome to 2013! Its always good when things balance.

    Have a great weekend - I take Andy to the airport tomorrow:-( Oh well life goes on.

  12. What a great day! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished and the layouts look fantastic.


  13. Oh my goodness, three of them. Great you finished one. They look like you hada great time. I finished on and collapsed (joking)

  14. Great job, Tracy! You got a lot done!

  15. Super- yay on getting one book completed! :0)

  16. This is so awesome that you're doing this!

  17. It is beautiful but you do need to jump out of that little habit box of yours now and then. DO I hear a challenge? LOL who am I to chat about that huh. goofing off on the PC when I could be cleaning. LOL Typical. LOL
    I think I might try bacon like that? what temp. convert for me please? LOL


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