Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kristy passed her Driving Test :)

I made a card :)
Actually I made it last Saturday ;)
I stamped the image and coloured it with my Copics.
I haven't coloured in so long, I feel a bit rusty on the shading.

I used a border punch in the same colour as the background paper.
I am really happy with how the same colours layered looks.

Here is the inside.
I used my trusty recipe cards and added another border strip.

Onto My Day:
I am so proud, Kristy went to take her test for her G1 (beginners drivers license) and passed.
She was so secretive.
She wouldn't let me tell anyone she was going for it. Not her sisters, her boyfriend, not even her dad.

I was a little worried (as was she) when she took the vision test.
She couldn't see the numbers in the eye tester thingy.
The lady said "You still cant read the numbers?  As of now you have failed the vision part of the test".
Here I'm thinking, My baby is blind!!!
I looked into the machine and could see it perfectly.
The problem was they had it to high for Kristy and she only saw the two round circles.
Once they fixed that problem, she passed with flying colours :)
Thank Goodness.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Such a beautiful card. Love the colors.

  2. Congratulations to Kristy on passing her exam! I love your card! What kind of embossing folder did you use? As always, it looks wonderful!

    1. Actually the paper was textured like this :)
      Guess I should have stated this ;)

  3. Lol on it set to high up for her! Glad that is all it was! Woohoo, congrats to Kristy! Love the image!

  4. Congratulations to Kristy! She must have been well pleased when she was finished it!

    What fun to tell everyone afterwards!

    Love your card...your colouring is fab (as always). Love, Love, love the pink on pink!

  5. Congrats to Kristy! One time I couldn't read the eye thing and it turned out my hair was in my eyes. Doh! The card is gorgeous. I love the color on color look on it and your coloring looks just fine to me.

  6. congrats to kristy!!!

    what a pretty card- love all the pink!

  7. Way to go, Kristy!!!!

    Lovely card, Tracy. I like the colour on colour.

  8. Yay congrats to Kristy:-) I love this card Tracy the blossom stamp is so pretty. Perfect. Round two was completed at 9.30am ;-)

  9. Congratulations to Kristy! Very pretty card!

  10. Yay for Kristy!! That can be a little nerve racking! Your card is beautiful, love the colors you used, and your coloring is perfect..not rusty from what I see! :)

  11. Big dummies! I am so glad they fixed it and YAY Kristy for passing!!!! Love your card :o) Hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Congrats to Kristy!! I love your card.

  13. I cried when my son got his license. I was just so scared for him, lol. Great card. And congrats

  14. Congrats Kristy. Now the fun begins mom;)

  15. Gorgeous. Love how you used the border punch!

  16. Congratulations Kristy! That is so exciting! I'm glad they were able to figure out what was wrong with the vision test, that must have been an upsetting moment when they said that sh was going to fail. I'm glad it all worked out!

    Also, the card is beautiful :)

  17. Yeah for Kristy!!!!! Congratulations :) Your card is gorgeous, I love that stamp and the paper is so pretty!

  18. Oooh, I love this card! I have a thing for those little blossoms anyway.

    Congratulations to Kristy! What a scary yet exciting time for her!

  19. I didn’t tell people I was taking driving lessons either. I find that it gives me less time to panic about being on the road when there are less people who nag or tell me their horror stories. How have Kristy’s adventures with her beginner’s license been so far? :)


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