Friday, January 25, 2013

My Friday Night Coke and some Scrappy Friends

Awww the cold sugary taste of Coke :)
Today was my day to have my can of coke.
I am trying to be more healthy and one of the ways for me to do this is to kick this habbit.
I won't stop drinking it, but I have cut down to one can a week.
I used to have one or more cans a day.
-I don't drink alcohol, because I don't like the taste. Funny as when I tell someone I don't drink, the first thing they think is I am (or was) an alcoholic.
-I don't smoke, quit when I was about 18. I think I started at 14.
-I don't curse...okay thats a flippin lie, lol

So I figured a can of coke a week is fine.
I sure enjoy it.

Onto My Day:
I put together my give come back tomorrow, I am hoping to have the video up by then.
Drove Kristy to her exam, then she went to Blakes (her boyfriend) and they are going to see the Hobbit tonight.

It was only Wayne, Heather & I for supper tonight, so I decided to get Arby's. Its been  2 weeks since we had take out, and that was for our celebration dinner.
I decided to get a baked potato.
I am telling you, since keeping track of my foods on My Fitness Pal, oh my.
Did you know a Deluxe Baked Potato (whats the use of having a baked potato without all the goodies) has 630 calories...630!!!! 
I only ate about half of it, but holy crap. I could have had a Big Mac for less calories.....with extra sauce!

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)
Friday Night Scrapbooking here tonight.
Don't forget to come and visit me tomorrow ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the latest project - what a fabulous coke - love the colour and the extra shine LOL! Shannon had her English exam yesterday and is now off until Wednesday when she has Geography. Her other two subjects are all done as it was based on term work and summatives. Emily is off ice skating on the canal and then the cinema with some friends and so it's just me and Shannon this afternoon:-) Have a great weekend.

  2. Mmm, sometimes I really miss Coke. That's great you're down to one can a week! As for the baked potato, that's crazy! I would have gone for the big Mac. Lol! Can't wait to see the giveaway :)

  3. I don't drink coke too often. I was super addicted when I was little. Good job on cutting back. =)

  4. I totally understand the coke addiction. I don't drink alchohol for the same reason and I get the exact same reactions!

    I only wish we could cut down on the take out!

  5. I drink diet Coke and WAY than just one a day. But I don't smoke (Ick on Toast!) and I don't drink - never have as I don't like the taste either. I get asked the alcoholic question too!!
    Good for you for your one can a week!!

  6. I hear ya! Sometimes I have been surprised that calories or other content is less than I expected with Myfitnesspal.

  7. Well, you may have given me a solution to a problem I have. My son just warned me of the dangers of the artificial sweetener in Coke Zero, so I'm trying to give it up. While I can't afford the calories of real Coke all the time, maybe a once a week treat would do it. Good luck with kicking your addiction - I completely, totally, definitely understand how tricky that is.

  8. My Fitness Pal is loaded with bad surprises. I think I'm eating right and stoked about my choices....until I enter them in my food diary and get a look at the calorie count :-( Glad you enjoyed your Coke and scrapping buddies on Friday.

    Love - Leslie

  9. Oh wow, 630 calories?! That is crazy!

    I think one coke a week is definitely just fine! And that can of coke looks absolutely delicious :)

  10. How funny. Are we long lost sisters? I used to smoke, quit in my early twenties, never liked the taste of alcohol so I don't drink, ever, and I love coke. And loaded baked potatoes. But I get them at Wendy's, not Arby's.

  11. Wow, I would NEVER have guessed 630 calories!!! I use Fitness Pal sometimes too, but guess never when I had a deluxe baked potato!!

  12. I would never have guessed that many either! Wow...I am trying to cut back on diet coke...Oh how I miss the cold can and the rush of energy!


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