Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowy day

It snowed all day today.
As beautiful as it was, the roads were slippery.
Here the snow plows are out and cleaning up the streets.
It also warmed up today. Instead of the temperatures being -30C/-22F it warmed up to -12C/10F.
Only in Canada do you think -12C/10F is warmer, lol.
Mind you it has cooled off to -20C/-4F tonight.

Onto My Day:
Wayne started his day by plowing the driveway.
Then we had an appointment.
We ended up going to Canadian Tire to pick up a cabinet that was on sale for 1/2 price.
When we brought it home and put it together, the girls thought it was to pretty to go in the laundry room, so they took it for the downstairs bathroom, lol.
Who wears the pants in this house, lol.

I hope you all have a creative Saturday.
I started on my new project last night and worked on it a bit today.
I will share some of the pages with you tomorrow.

Tracy :)


  1. Ha! Love that they found a "better" use for it! ;0)
    I gotta new table for my craft room! It is a tool counter from Costco, but it should be awesome in my room! A friend had bought one last week for hers, and it sounded brilliant!

  2. Oh I wish we had some of the white stuff here! Send some our way!

  3. oh new project? what could that be? So curious now. must be a mini album. LOL Well I guess you answered your own ? about who wears the pants. Can't wait to see the new space for sewing. and more room videos Missy. Chop, chop. LOL Just kidding.

  4. Yep - we had a yucky day too! And I laugh at my family in the UK, they got lots of snow and its soooo cold, well they are getting shocking -20c for the UK thats bad, but they were saying -5c the other day was cold and I said t-shirt weather LOL!

  5. Oh my golly is that cold! This week we are having a huge cold front move in from Canada & out temps. Are going to be in the teens! Brrrrrrrr! Fot Ohio this is cold!

  6. supposed to be snowy here today, after all the melting of this past week. And cold here too. Looking forward to seeing your newest project!

  7. Brrrr! We had a freak warm up yesterday, it was 60!!!! Going to get cold again starting today though. Did you get a hot dog at Canadian Tire? Lol! Maybe you could go pick up another cabinet, since it was 1/2 price... Can't wait to see the new project you're working on!! I spent all day running around, trying to find cake pans for a crafty project, bit they were too expensive :( I ended up finding a solution though. It was already made, which took some of the fun out of it, but I'm hoping to post pictures next week!!

  8. It looks so cold! Yay, for new project.

  9. Oh no! I hope you are able to stay warm! We got down to -2F today, and I thought that was brutal (but I also refused to wear gloves because I was coming from the nail salon, so kind of my fault!)

    I hope you are able to get another cabinet!

  10. brrr. I had to go to another town yesterday and on the way, it started snowing so hard that I could barely see. Didn't last long. But it was about 12 F and 15-20 mph winds. My hands were all dried up by the end of the day.


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