Saturday, July 27, 2013

Camp treat

Enjoying a little treat on the way to camp. This spoon is so tiny, got ice cream on my fingers to get to the bottom of the container. But I succeeded in getting it all 😉
Unfortunately the weather is suppose to be rainy all weekend. 
When we got in the cottage it was pretty chilly. So we had to turn up the heat.
It's almost the end of July and we had to turn on the heat. How sad is that?!
Kristy and her boyfriend Blake came up with us this weekend. They are celebrating 3 yrs dating. 
How sweet they wanted to spend it with us ;).  I'm not delusional, I know they really didn't want to spend it with us, but they get to spend more time together here.

Well that is it from me, just trying to keep warm. 
I hope you all had a creative Friday. 

Tracy :)


  1. it is rainy here too this weekend. I actually have pants on today- crazy weather. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    your ice cream looks so yummy!

  2. That's a nice relaxing time at camp. Ice cream looks good.

  3. Mmmm, I could go for a sundae right now! Looks YUMMY!

  4. Aaaaah now that's better! Loving the food pic:)


  5. *sigh* that sounds like our weather! It was gorgeous adn today is chilly and overcast/ ;0(

  6. Hope you are enjoying your chilly time away. In some respects, wish it was a bit chillier here. I have had headaches for days it seems, humidity and pressure! Off to the US tomorrow, for 3 days retail therapy with my girls :-)

  7. if it makes you feel any better, I just changed into flannel pj's this evening. How sad is that? lol! Don't worry. We will be complaining how hot it is in a few days. ;-) Have fun at camp!

  8. Is chilly here too, well, not turning on the heat chilly, but last night I had on long pants and a sweatshirt outside. That's pretty damn chilly for July! Let's pretend Kristy and Blake washed to siege their anniversary with you guys. Lol!

  9. I will send you some of our sweltering heat...It was a little cooler today...but still hot enough to have a bucket of checken tonight instead of turning on the oven!

    All the wondow and doors were open, every fan on and it was still hot!

  10. The ice cream looks yummy!

    It hasn't been chilly here in a while. I miss chilly!

    Happy Anniversary to Kristy and Blake!


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