Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fixin' Up the Yard :)

Today was a gorgeous day!!
I think Summer is finally here!!!!!

I spent the whole day outside..I even ate my lunch outside :)
I was tired of looking at my sad front flower bed, so I got to work on it today.
But not before I planted my bird bath, flower box and my 2 milk barrels.
I didn't know what to do with this flower bed.
I was thinking I should just rip everything out and start from scratch.
I asked people that were walking on the sidewalk  for their opinion.
I asked a couple of my friends.
Most everyone told me not to rip everything out.
Then I sent a text to my friend, and expert in making a yard adorable, Debbie.
And her advice was what I really wanted to do.
Take the misc. plants out, pick through them, add fresh soil and add some annuals for colour :)

The first thing I had to do was find a place to re-plant my plants as I took care of the front flower bed.
I have this small flower bed at the side of the house that I only have used for annuals and I have yet to plant any in here.
So I cleaned out the weeds...yes these are all weeds.

See, its all nice and clean now.
I added some fresh soil for more nutrients as well.
This flower bed is in direct sun all day, so the soil dries out, like a dessert.

Here are all the plants from my front flower bed.
Good thing I left the plant tag beside the plants or I wouldn't have found some of them, lol
Yes, it was really that bad in there.
My front flower bed gets shade most of the day, and I think most of these plants needed more sun, as they haven't grown much. Some you can't even see they are so tiny.
The tall ones at the back, I have no idea what they are. They were in my heart shaped flower bed. But we had to remove that one as Wayne wanted to widen the driveway for Ashley's jeep. 
If you know what they are, I'd love to know. 

If you want to see more of my garden, just click on the links below :)
Walk in my Garden pt 1....the heart flower bed that I am sad that I don't have anymore :(

I will hopefully finish my front flower bed tomorrow.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :) 


  1. Sounds like the perfect day to be outside! The weather is crazy here! It is summer, and July but its rainy and in the 60's. feels crazy!!

  2. Glad your weather s nice. The oven has Ben turned on her!, I saw 101F today!

  3. Looks like an awesome summer day. Nice weather, AZ is 115F today. Super hot right now.

  4. Think it was 38 degrees here...Pool weather! We lazed about in the pool til finally I got sick from the heat and had to go back to the RV and the air conditioner!
    Your gardenl looks great...will be fun to see how they bloom...maybe I can tell you the names then!l

  5. Been busy then. I see you have couple of hostas there (well I think they are LOL, the big leaf green and variegated leaf) Most hostas do better with mostly shade and a bit of sunshine sometime in the day. There are certain varieties that you can plant for full sun. Not sure what the tall things are either :-) Have a great day.

  6. you have been busy!! i can't wait to see your garden in bloom! glad you are having awesome weather! after your winter you deserve it!!

  7. Good work! So glad that summer has arrived in your part of the world. :)

  8. Hi Tracy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comments. :)

    The tall ones in the back (in the middle back), do they get quite tall (~ 2-3 Feet) and have small yellow flowers when in bloom? If so, I think it may be ligularia, the "rocket". I tried to zoom in on the leaves to confirm but the leaves weren't perky enough, yet, to tell exactly. The other ones look familiar, too. I will ty to remember what those are.

    Have a good one!

  9. Looks like a beautiful sunny day and you got some wonderful yard work done!! I was the crazy one who ripped up my yard and put down rock and trees this year, but I appreciate the sprucing up you've done with your beds!

  10. Yard work is hard work, but it always looks so good when your done! The side flower bed looks really nice and I can't wait to see the finished front bed!

  11. I always ask around until I get the answer I want :)

    Your flower beds are looking great now!


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