Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minneapolis bound

I am having such a great time...a great time shopping ;)
Well that and of course having a great time with my daughters and my SIL Sharon.
We are on our yearly girls trip to Minneapolis :)

Our first stop was to Duluth.
We enjoyed a bit of shopping and my always favourite dinner at Red Lobster :)
This ship that is always by the restaurant.

Look what I found....a bit of washi tape :)
I found these at Target :)

Our next stop was Pine City Scrapbooking.
I thought their store front was so cute decked out in their patriotic colours.

I fell in love with this display they had out at the front of the store.
Reminds me of a parade.
I wish I had an old wagon to put out for display at our home :)

Sharon had a free night at this hotel :)
I am not sure who was more happy her or me.
Me because who doesn't love a free hotel, and Sharon as she loves to gamble ;)
I am really thrifty, I have only gambled once and lost my $5.00.
I could have bought a few chocolate bars with that money, lol.
But the girls and I signed up for a card so we each received $5.00 in credit.
I put in another $15.00, but when I lost most of it, then gained $10.00 I quit and cashed out.
Ashley put in $10.00 and won $80.00! She was so so happy :)
Kristy and Heather just played with their credits and lost.
Sharon...well I'm not sure how much she put in, but came out with nothing :(

Our room was on the 9th floor.
We had lots of laughs, as always.
Especially when they walked in on Heather and I playing hide and seek behind the curtains, lol.

I wanted to share with you my goodies I bought, but my camera died.
So I took the photos with my phone and for some reason, my phone or the internet here won't transfer them to my email :(
But let me tell you, I bought way too many goodies, and have found lots and lots of washi tape ;)

I hope you all have had a creative Monday :)
I will visit you all when I get home :)

Tracy :)


  1. Can't wait to see all your great goodies!! I am taking the girls over to the US at the end of the month - so hope to get some goodies then :-)

  2. sounds like you girls are having a ball!!! have fun shopping!!

  3. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time! Happy shopping!

  4. Yea you're on your girls trip! Sounds and looks like you're already having a great time! I'm with you when it comes to gambling and given my luck in life, I'd lose it within the first 5 mins.


  5. It sounds like you are having such a great trip! I gambled once, and lots all my money (or, more correctly, AJ tried to teach me how to gamble and lost all of my money) So I just don't anymore!

    I love the washi tape. Especially the one at the bottom, the "where/why/when" one because I have it too!

  6. I've been away for too long. I've got to catch up on what you've been up to. It's great to see that you're having fun this summer.

  7. Mmm, red lobster :) I know you're having fun :) I haven't seen that tape at Target, I think a trip is in order... I'm the same way about gambling. I've only been once or twice, years ago, and once I win my money back I'm done. I mostly go to eat, the casinos usually have great food! Lol! Can't wait for the goodie pictures!!!

  8. I miss red lobster- I cannot remember the last time I was there!


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