Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rainy Smashy weekend

Today was a rainy damp day. 
We did get a few things checked off our ToDo list in between the rain and thunder. 

Remember the baby robins I showed you last weekend. Well they have left the nest. 
I was a bit surprised they made it as the nest wasn't hidden and not that far off the ground. 
It is behind the white pipe on the middle shelf. 
I have been watching the Walking Dead marathon as I am working in my Smash journal. 
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and having a creative one at that :)



  1. Sorry to hear the weekend is rainy. Cooled off here- thank goodness!

  2. Enjoy the means more crafty time...right?

  3. Apparently it rained a bit here over night, because the roads are wet, all it did was increase the humidity ;) I always love seeing your creativity in progress. Hope you were able to accomplish a lot in your book!

  4. Even thought it rained - at least you are away and so nice to relax in different environment. :-)

  5. Rainy days are my favorite for scrapping and for watching lots of TV!


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