Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wasp killer and a good book

It has been a hot one at the cottage today   
We had a lot on our ToDo list but didn't get to a lot of them.
We started on getting the deck level. I didn't think it was bad (actually I didn't really notice that it wasn't level). But it has been bugging Wayne so we went to work....and by "We" I mean Wayne worked I watched and was the go for.
As he was cutting the post he yelled "the buggers bit me"!
Wayne has allergies to everything, so he went inside took 2 Benadryl.
I armed myself and went to work
I think I got them all, only to find a bigger hive. Not sure if I got all of those. I will check tonight when they are all in there.

The Benadryl zonked Wayne out.... Which I was fine with as it was to hot to work and it allowed me to finish my book I was reading, guilt free :)
To tell you how hot I was, I even went for a swim tonight. If you know me then you know I can cool off by just putting my feet in the water. But the water actually wasn't that cold.  

I hope you all had a creative Saturday and are having a wonderful weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Ohhhh poor Wayne...We are back to the lake tomorrow and I am dreading the wasps...It is about the time they appear. We have a 12x10 screened gazebo and i installed the Magic Mesh walk thru screen door. It really helps keep them out and then if one gets in I use the electrifryer! lol

  2. Poor Wayne, hope he is better today, hope you got all the pesky wasps. I am also at our cottage and Xing fingers not a problem here. What lake is your cottage on? We are on Erie and it's Pottahawk Sunday.

  3. I'm glad the benadryl knocked Wayne out sometimes you needed a good rest:). I hope you got all of the wasps. That picture up there with book and the lake behind it in the background looks so cool! I've heard of that author before. Was the book good?

  4. Hope your husband gets better. During summer time it's hard not to get bitten.

  5. Hopefully you were successful in getting all the wasps! Glad your weather is a bit on the warm side...just think of all of the snow and cold that was there just a few short months ago:)!


  6. We had a crazy wasp year 3 years ago, it was a dry year. Hope you got them all!

  7. Oh no! More wasps! I hope Wayne was feeling better after the benadryl.


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