Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A bit of shopping and Sebastian

I didn't get to create at all today….but I did do a bit of creative shopping.
Did I need any of these items…nope. But they were all on clearance :)
The price for Thickers here is $8.49….which I refuse to pay, but these ones (only this colour of course) were on clearance for $4.99.
Everything else was $1.99 :)

I dropped Kristy off at her boyfriend's house.
He only lives a block from Ashley's house, so I met Ashley at her house for lunch.
I was there before she was, so I got to spend some time with Sebastian.
We snuggled for awhile, and then he heard some birds.
They were huge crows and would be able to carry him away…but I let him think he could take them, ;)

Then Ashley came home for lunch and he got really excited :)
He is watching her until he couldn't see her anymore, so ran to the door to welcome her home.
I thought that was so sweet.

While I was at Ashley I fixed her bedside lamps.
Then we started to organize her linen closet.
That was until little Sebastian decided to help us out by snuggling in amongst Ashley's purses :)
Can you see him?

Here he is.
Isn't he a pretty boy :)
He has such a fluffy tail.
Can you imagine my posts when I get grandchildren, lol.

I hope you all had a warm and creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. They are pricey Thickers in my homeland. And I won't ever pay full price for them down here! He is a nice looking kitty!

  2. Love all the grand kitty shots! I can say grand kitty;)

  3. He is so cute waiting for his mummy to come home, bless him. And nice bargains.

  4. Hi Tracy, well, what else are you expected to do in all this snow, shopping of course, LOL I can't wait for it to go, it's putting a dampner on my creativity, especially as I do not drive. On top of that, I have rather a nasty cold which is trying to keep me housebound but I will fight it and I will be out there thrifting before you know it, LOL Sebastian is adorable. My son and dil have two adorable tabbies and a little dog and I love visiting them in Kitchener and snuggling with them. Hope you have a great week and happy crafting. Hugs, Chris

  5. Oh, he's so sweet and looks like he is such fun. Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy your Thickers and other goodies.

  6. It's nice to get a crafty bargain. I made two identical cards to take to lunch for a couple of birthday girls. Fabulous pictures of Sebastian. The one where he sees Ashley is priceless., the one in the purses he looks regal. He is one handsome fella.

  7. Can I take you back to the your Jan 15th posting about the Washi tape - you said Dollar Store ... is that the actual name of the store, The Dollar Store? We have lots of Dollaramas and Buck or Two (southern Ontario) & I have spotted no Washi tape (darn) in their stores.

    1. It was at Dollarama in the craft section Mary Lou.

    2. Thanks - we have at least 8 Dollarama's in our lovely town/city - one of them should have the desired, sought after Washi tape.

  8. I can't believe how expensive the Thickers are! I'm glad you found them, and the other goodies, on sale!

    Sebastian is so cute! I love seeing pictures of him!

  9. That Sebastian is one gorgeous Kitty!

  10. You can't pass up Thickers when they are on clearance! I love the pictures of Sebastian! So cute he got excited to see Ashley :)

  11. The thickers were that expensive? Oh well, glad you found them on clearance :) Sebastian looks so cute too :)

  12. Great bargains there! You know how I love a bargain too!!!

    Sebastian waiting for his Momma is a sweet story and great piccies too.


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