Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Procrastinator, living in the Present?!

For this year I want to focus on the present.
Being the true procrastinator that I am, I seem to let things go for another day.
I blame this on my dad (isn't everything is wrong in our lives our parents fault, lol).
He always told me "Why do today, what can be put off till tomorrow" LOL.
I am great at following this rule.
But for 2014 I want to be in the present and not work on past projects.

With that being said, I am dedicating January to catching up and keeping up.
I have quite a few YouTube videos and new projects I have been planning on making for months now…but for some reason or another, put them off for a mother day.

I am still learning iMovie on my Mac Book, and quite honestly, I don't really like it.
I can't (or don't know how) to fade in and out my music.
I can't (don't know how) to add coloured text.
And it takes me forever to edit parts of the movie as there isn't a back button to erase my screw ups.
I told Wayne I need and iMovie for Dummies book, as I haven't had much help from the internet.

Talk about playing catch up this month, I finally made a video of this tag I had made last August.
I haven't even mailed it out to the recipient yet…good thing it was a gift she knows nothing about, lol.
Onto My Day:
Wayne went to the cottage to plow some snow.
We were going to spend the night, but were late in our decision and we still aren't feeling 100%, so we changed the plans.
I stayed home and he went by himself.
Unfortunately on the way home, he got a flat tire. Well actually he had a blow out.
If that wasn't bad enough, he couldn't get the rim off.
So after a lot of phone calls, CAA was going to meet him..but he would have to wait 2 hours.
My Wayne is not one to wait around, so he kicked the sh1t out of the rim until it came loose.
Have you ever seen a tire with a blow out like this…wow.

As Wayne was struggling with his tire, I went to my craft room to clean it up a bit.
Funny how having a clean work desk makes me want to create….even though I was walking around bags and boxes as the rest of the room is trashed, lol.
I was having a bit of trouble with my glue bottle. The glue wouldn't' come out…but then….yup, all over my hand, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your tag is so pretty!
    Hope you feel better soon...this virus this winter that seems to be making it's rounds across the country is finally gone at my house/..Yay is all I can say!!!

    Poor Wayne...what a drag and a blowout can be scary too.

    Off to catch up. I have been sorting and purging craft supplies in the garage for the last few days 13 boxes to the thrift shop so far! It feels good.
    We are trying to create a workshop area for DH as he gets a bit bored in the winter now that he is retired. lol

  2. Fabulous tag - love the colour! Glad Wayne got home safely though! And yep that happens to me with the glue LOL! :-)

  3. Fabulous tag, have to check the video out later when the TV isn't on. Wow Wayne was lucky with that blow-out, I would say that might be defective. You were lucky it was glue on your hand and not what you were working on. It doesn't take long to take a desk from neat to messy in a nano second.

  4. I always love your envelope tags and I've always wanted to make one too! I really need to save my envelopes :) I'm going to watch your video later, Landry is running around giggling right now and I can't find my ear buds :) I hope you can figure out your iMovie soon :( nothing more frustrating than that!

    I can't believe Wayne's tire! Holy crap! Glad he made it home safe!! As for your adventure with glue... You're creating! That's one step above me! Lol! I've been cleaning here. The start of a 14 week deep clean. Oy!

  5. Beautiful tag and hope that your Sunday is better! Best wishes with keeping yourself in the present! :)

  6. Poor Wayne! I'm glad he made it safely home. That blow out looks quite scary! I firmly believe in whacking the heck out of stuff that doesn't want to work. Seems that Wayne had a bit of whacking the heck out of things as well. Got his frustrations out.

    Love your tag, and your idea to make January your time to catch up to the present. Keep up the good work. And here's hoping you and Wayne are finally getting over that flu.


  7. Great looking tag. See what happens when you try and clean up. Glad Wayne got home OK after his blow out-scary!

  8. Good luck on your resolution. Now that you've committed, I'm sure you'll do your projects. In the south, we call your dad's philosophy "the Scarlett O'hara philosophy". There is a little of Scarlett in all of us :-)

  9. Oh man! That is terrible about Wayne's tire! I'm glad he got home okay after that!

    Cleaning my desk always makes me want to be crafty too!

    Your tag is beautiful. And I love the idea of catching up in January so you won't be "behind" in 2014!

  10. Very scary looking blow out! We have had a couple, but none like that! I take it Wayne was okay and kept control.


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