Monday, January 6, 2014

December Daily 7-10

Still working on my December Daily.
I feel I need to get this album completed before I can move onto any other project.

So here we go …. Day 7

This is our second day of our mini trip.
Mall of America, my girls favourite mall.
It used to be one of mine, until the took out Archivers…now to find out that Archivers is going to be no longer come February 15th :(

While the girls were shopping, Wayne and I walked the mall and stopped for a few treats ;)

Day 8
Doming home from our trip.

I used this "Warm Winter Wishes" rub-on.
I can honestly say that I have had this rub-on for more then 15 yrs.

Second page to Day 8.

Day 9 and 10
I didn't have that many photos so made a one page spread for each day.

Day 9
I only had photos from my daily photo challenges.
I used a couple of chipboard pieces.

Day 10
Not the best photo of this page, but you can see layout.

Sharon knows how much I love Peeps.
She bought these for me for Christmas…yup I ate them all today.
I guess that means I'm feeling better, teehee.

Onto My Day:
I cleaned the house and then worked on my December Daily today.
Ashley came by for supper tonight…and to do some laundry, as her dryer is on the fritz.
She and Kristy are doing a 30 day eating clean challenge.
They suggested that Wayne and I join them as well.
So I told Wayne we better pig out on all those boxes of chocolates we got for Christmas gifts by tomorrow, teehee.

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You are moving right along with your DD! At least I got my photos ordered! You didn't really eat all those peeps at once, did you?

  2. Your December Daily is looking great!
    I still haven't finished my Summer Project Life, so I knew there was no way I was even starting a DD Lol!

  3. I had no idea about Archiver's. This makes me very sad. It was my fave store when I lived in CO years past, so when we moved back here last summer I was ecstatic that our new home is only 5 minutes away from it. Major bummer.

  4. Lovely and beautiful pages:):)

    Happy New Year!!!


  5. Glad you're keeping up with your DD, it looks great! I felt the same, had to get it done before beginning anything new! :)

  6. Great work on your DD, all those peeps at once? sugar overload. did you know if you microwave them the puff up? now don't you wish you had saved one lol.

  7. You got a lot of great photos from the holidays. Love the arrangement of your pages. Glad you got those pesky peeps out of the way before the clean eating challenge :-)

  8. loving your pages!
    the photos are awesome

  9. I'm the same way, wanting to finish a project before starting on a new one. Lol, don't choke on your chocolates ;)

  10. Wonderful LO's and fabulous papers and titles! Don't make yourself to sick on all that chocolate! have a great week.

  11. great layouts....and as far as those Peeps....I somehow manage to limit them to Easter time only or I would be in real serious trouble....I adore them!

  12. Your layouts are wonderful! I love that you finally used that rub on. I just used a paper that I've had since I started scrapping back in 2006. I was so glad to finally use it!

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better! And that you got to enjoy your peeps!

  13. Looks great! Looks like a fun shopping adventure. I too am very sad that Archiver's is closing. I loved that store at the Mall of America and have been there several times. Loved the smaller store in Nashville but that one's already been closed. : ( Very sad indeed.

  14. I love, love, love your Day 7 layout. Especially the photo of you mugging for the camera. You crack me up!

    You have been busy, girlfriend! These December Daily pages are amazing. You must keep some kind of diary to remember what happened on those days and which pictures were for what day. Me...if it is 5 minutes old I've already forgotten :/

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  15. Ha! As I am going backwards, I already know that those chocolates did not all get eaten. ;0)


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