Friday, January 10, 2014

Last pages of my December Daily and FNS !!!!

Here are the last few pages of my December Daily for 2013!!

Day 26
Boxing Day…the day I started to feel yucky.
The letters are Thickers. They were a light peach colour, I didn't like the colour when I bought them, but they were so cheap. So I bought them thinking I could colour them up with my Copics.
I did colour them with my Copics, but they stayed tacky forever.  Maybe I should have sanded them first before colouring.

In the afternoon my friend Debbie and her husband Gerry came for their Christmas visit.
This is a photo of Debbie and I….the smaller photos are of my daughters
I remember thinking on this day…I just have to get through today and tonight, then I can get sick, lol.

Day 26
In the evening we went to my SIL/friend Sharon's for another turkey dinner :)
As the evening progressed I just wanted to get home and take a long hot bath.

My last page in my December Daily.
I was sick every day with a fever and body aches. But I figured I was going to include these days in my album.
Well, I did punch all these number out and added stickles to them, so by George, I was going to use them, lol.

I have no idea why my phone photos of these pages  came out so blurry?
I loved this photo I had seen on Face book, so I printed it up. But no matter how many times I tried, it cut off the sides of the picture. So in order to get the whole sentiment  on my page, I printed it out on my label maker and adhered it to the photo.
So there you have it, my December Daily for 2013 :)

Tonight we are back to Friday Night Scrapbooking
Sadly a couple of my friends are feeling a cold coming on, so they stayed home tonight.
But I was happy to see Debbie and Sharon…seems like forever since we had a FNS.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great finish to your December Daily, great sentiment. Nice to be back to your Friday night scrapping.

  2. Wonderful pages, love that last page - even though you were sick and great sentiment! Hope last night went well :-)

  3. Sorry I wanted to make it but I had a date night with my 2 older kids ;)

    Awesome to she your December Daily -
    Hope to see you soon....

  4. It is great you finished your DD. I still need to start mine. Have been putting photos in Cooper's album. Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay for you for completing your DD, it looks great!

  6. Your dec daily looks great. Still have to finish mine and then I will show it on my blog..,well some of it...the other pages will remain unseen due to the silly privacy issues my family has...Drat...
    Hope you feel better now.

  7. Yay, it's finished!!!!! I love it :) Aren't you so glad it's done and now can move on to something else? In so happy you had Friday night scrapbooking! I Bet you guys had fun! Won't be long and everyone will be there :)

  8. Your December Daily looks wonderful! I really like how you used your label maker to put the sentiment on the photo! I hate when the sides of something get cut off when I am printing :(


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