Saturday, January 25, 2014

Working with my New Planner Pages

I am still getting the feel for my new planner pages.
One thing I do like about these pages are that the spaces for each day on either side of the washi tape seem to be wider.
I add washi tape to where the time schedule is. I don't use this, so it is a great place to add washi to, to decorate it up :)
On these new pages the time schedule is almost in the middle of that page, last years pager were closer to one side or the other.
So I seem to be able to write more in these spaces.
I added this quote from a 4x6 Sn@p Card that I cut down, backed with card stock and then used washi tape.
I covered up the December days that carried over to this week.

One thing I don't like about these pages is that instead of all the English written first, they broke it up to English, French, English, French.
So when I add my Washi tape to separate the days, I have to cover up the numbers and parts of the English dates :(
So I guess I have to hand write my day numbers again this year.

Another reason I do like these pages is because it has a "Notes and Memos" for the month that ended and also "A Diary Record" on one page and the next is "To Be Done in..." for that month.
I really like these features. As you know I love to write, and here I have a lot of room to both make plans and to write.

I hope you all had a very creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. It is great to decorate the pages, make you want to use them. Good old washi tape where would we be without it :)

  2. Great start to your planner, your's is an inspiration for me as I'v never used one for very long. I watched the video last night great file folder cards,

  3. Great to customize your planner. Don't you hate when they change a product when you love it the way it used to be!

  4. Looking good and it seems it's going to get a lot of use! :)

  5. The planner looks great, decorating it with washi tape really adds a nice pop of color! :)

  6. Washi tape is good for so many things!!!

  7. Nothing really beats a physical planner--not an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. I enjoy the look and feel of it. Keep at the good work!

  8. Love it!!! Is taken me three solid weeks of using and decorating my new pages to get use to them. I really do love them now! Do you have monthly pages too?

  9. Love your planner! It can be so hard when you change planner styles to get used to it, I just had to change mine in September. But that's because I'm weird and do my years by when the school year starts and not January!

    I really like the washi you used down the middle of these pages, its really pretty!


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