Thursday, March 6, 2014

A little roughed up.

Out with the old and in with the new :)
Time for a manicure.

I have been busy with some spring cleaning.
The best thing about having longer nails is being able to use them as a scraper ;)
I have been tackling my kitchen cupboards.
I have a tip for those looking for new Kitchen cupboards…purchase flat cupboard doors. Sure the intricate and inlaid doors are beautiful, but a pain in the arse to clean.
So I have been using SOS pads and the tips of my finger nails to get into the fine grooves of the cupboard doors to detail clean them.
Looks like I need to re-do my nails :)

I was out and about today, so decided to go and pick up some top coat as mine as become thick and doesn't work to well.
Of course once I got into Chatters, I had to pick up a couple of new polish colours ;)
I like the dusty rose with the dark grey.

I decided to go with the dusty rose (married to mauve) today.
I will try the dark grey(concrete catwalk) next time.

During my outing today, I stopped at Michael's. I didn't find anything that caught my eye, so left empty handed.
But I did end up chatting with a lady for over 45 minutes in the store, lol
When I came home and told Heather that this lady said I looked familiar.
Heather got a bit excited and asked if she recognized me from YouTube.
No, I told her…but man that would have been cool, lol

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. OH! Tracy!!!!! You should try my Jamberry nails!!!!! Don't return me love on my blog yet - won't have time for any new baby pictures until this weekend. :-) :-) :-) But I do have some on my Jamberry Facebook page that are new - And maybe you haven't seen my latest baby pictures yet, I'm not sure. :-) It's been hard to keep up in the blogging department! Anyway, I have been reading a lot about nails and I do know one thing - you're not supposed to use them as tools! (even though I always do, because it's just way too convenient). Anyway, pretty nail polish color!!!!! I scrapped the polish once I discovered the Jamberries, because I can't ever get polish to last. And plus, I can never apply it as pretty as you did!

  2. The colour of your nails is so lovely. Not a colour that looks that nice in the bottle, but sure does on your nails :)

  3. Your nails look lovely in the second picture of course, I just had a look at mine and thought yes it's time to do mine, polish helps keep them from damage if you are using them for cleaning tools. btw my go to colour of polish.

  4. Pretty nails! love the color

  5. Pretty color for your nails, Tracy! That would have been neat if she'd recognized you from your videos! :)

  6. I think both colors are pretty!! I agree about the cabinets. I just finished mine a few weeks ago, not only in the kitchen but all the bathrooms too. So much work and wear and tear on your hands. This weekend is the kids rooms, but they will be easy :) that would be SO awesome if that person recognized you from YouTube!!!!

  7. Beautiful nails and love that colour! Did you know that nails are good for tightening screws too! LOL! Have a great weekend.

  8. Love the nail color that you picked! And you are awesome at doing your own nails. Mine get all smudgey and messed up, even when I use the top coat and spray dryer and sit for hours!

    I wonder how that woman knew you - it would be really cool if it was your blog or youtube!


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