Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm a Card Hoarder

I was wanting to do to a bit of colouring with my Copics today…and maybe make a card.
As it takes me all day to make one card, lol.
But before I started, I thought, maybe I should organize the cards that I have already made.
I sure love to make cards.
But I think I am a card hoarder.

This is over 12" of already made cards!
I really have to send some out.
Funny thing is, if I need a card for someone, I don't grab from my stash as I feel my cards are old stock and I feel the need to make a new card to give away.
I know thats crazy talk, but that is how I look at it.
My goal this year (hopefully before the year end) is to send out all of my hand made cards you see here.
So don't be surprised if you get a random card from me ;)

Tomorrow is Kristy's birthday.
But we went out tonight for her Birthday Dinner.
She wanted to go to The Keg. Kristy loves her steak :)
I got the waitress, Sidney, to take this photo of us :)

Early post from me as The Walking Dead is on soon. Hope it is as intense as last week's episode :)

I hope you all had a creative Walking Dead Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I was a card hoarder but have since let go of my precious creations, I sent a shoebox packed full of cards to Cure Kids for them to do with as they wished, they loved them and give them out to Ambassadors and corporate sponsors :)

  2. And I thought I had a lot of cards in my stash! I'm the same way though, I always want to make a new one for the recipient :) what a great picture of your family!! Love that you had the waitress take it for you :)we don't watch the walking dead, but we did catch up on Grimm today!!

  3. Nice family photo, Tracy! Precious moment to treasure ♥
    As for your tons of cards, give them out as presents .. rather than spending money to get "presents" ~ I am sure your recipients would LOVE to receive your beautifully made cards ... just my 2 penny ;-)

  4. I was a hoarder myself, but I finally got rid of all those old cards that I had sitting in a container like that..... But once again they are catching up so hopefully I can do another clean up of them soon.... What I did was just make those magazine card holders and stuck them in their with envelopes and gave them as gifts. hehe!
    Anyhow happy birthday to your daughter and indeed a beautiful family picture.....

  5. I am a card hoarder myself. I never want to send out my best ones because I wait for "card worthy" people to send them to but even then I have way more than I'll ever use. Happy Birthday to your daughter, that is a great family photo.

  6. Great stack of cards there...yes, you do have to send them this year. That is a great goal!

    I like to make a personalized card to, but for the past couple ofyears, I decide who i am making the card for when I make it. It really helps. Then i put the card and the envelope in a clear sleeve and pop in a scrap of paper that tells who it is for.. When their Bday rolls around i just have to find their card in my finished cards box! I find it helps me got them out the door and into the mail box.

  7. He he he
    You do have a few cards there-
    for my dearest 2 friends
    (who are more like sisters)
    I make cards every year & tie them up cute or put in a cute box and give them homemade cards that they can give.

    They both love hand made cards & know the effort it takes ..
    They love them -
    perhaps that can take a dent out of your stack. ;)

  8. I have a stack of cards that I need to go through myself Like you I seem to make a new one for someone instead of checking in my stash for one.

  9. I am also a card hoarder, I have cards from swaps, and ones I have made. "we" got some great ideas what to do with them too. When I am making for a challenge I do have a person in mind hopefully they don't read my blog lol. Great family picture. and Happy Birthday to Kristy.

  10. I'm sure the recipients of each and every card will appreciate them! :)

  11. look at all those amazing cards!!
    i seel mine every year in my summer garage sale. i sell them for 2 for $1. they go really fast and then it clears out the way for new ones. I have been using a ton myself lately and that is always great

  12. Hope Kristy has a great birthday today! Love the Keg! You do need to send out those beautiful cards you made and make room for some new ones.

  13. Wow, that's a lot of cards!
    Myself, I do keep some cards from challenges, swaps and doubles I make, and from time to time take them to work to sell. And when I feel they get old I wrap them and send to some charity fair.
    And happy birthday to Kristy!

  14. Join the club - I have a dedicated box for all the cards I make. I very rarely give them to anyone! I just don't think people will appreciate them. Some I do that I know will - but there aren't many. I'm thinking of giving them to a charity to sell or something like that anyways.

  15. Happy Birthday Kristy! I am with her - I love steak too :)

    I don't make cards, but I do buy a lot of them, and then hoard them and buy new ones when I have an event to give a card! I'm not sure why - at least you have fun making your cards, all I'm doing is spending money!

  16. We have The Keg restaurants here in TX, wonder if it is the sure is delicious though! I rarely give cards anymore...they are sooooo expensive to buy and I just don't feel like I am that good at making them...good for you to have such a great selection to choose from. I would be in card Heaven!


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