Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Episode of the Season.

We made it home safe and sound :)
As soon as we walked in the door we turned on AMC to watch the rest of the marathon of the Walking Dead from this season ;)
I am excited, yet sad that tonight is the final episode :(

On our trip we even drove through Woodbury, lol.
Sorry you will only appreciate my humour if you watch my show ;)
I have to say Woodbury had a Hobby Lobby, teehee.

We also went to the Cheesecake Factory.
We had never been there before.
Wow, everything was delicious.
Kristy wanted to save room for dessert, so she only ordered an appetizer chicken caesar salad and a bowl of soup. She couldn't finish even half of it, it was so big.
We were all passing around our meals for each other to try, everything was so good.

No worries though, even though none of us had room for dessert, we each brought a piece of cheese cake back to the hotel with us ;)
This is Heather's piece. Wayne and I dug into ours before I remembered to take a photo, lol.

I am running out of time, as I want to visit all of your blogs before my show comes on, But I will share with you the goodies I purchased from Pine City Scrapbookers on our way home this morning.
Good thing I take photos of my purchases to share with you because while I was in this store, I picked up a stamp that I had in my hand at a different store earlier this weekend, but I wasn't sure if I had purchased it or not.
Checked my phone photos, sure enough I had :)
The brown pack of paper on the left is glassine paper. I have seen others make bags and envelopes out of this material, so thought I would try my hand at a few :)

Time for me to unpack and oogle over all my new goodies :)
I hope you all had a very creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Also looking forward to TWD season finale. Glad that, this year, it doesn't overlap with Game of Thrones Season premiere! (next Sun!) Have fun with your new goodies.

  2. Oh yum! Cheesecake Factory is one of my very favorite places to have dinner.

  3. I love those Prima Doll stamps. Your love of horror cracks me up - you make all these cute, pretty cards and then you go the opposite route into gore and mayhem in your tv/movie preferences.

  4. That cheese cake looks so yummy, and I am loving them prima stamps. :)

  5. Fabulous end to the trip. Yummy looking cheesecake. Great crafting goodies.

  6. So glad you had a great weekend, Tracy! Hope the WD season finale was good, I'll be watching it in a bit! :)

  7. Love the Cheesecake Factory! It's a fave for special occasions. The portions are enormous so yes, plenty for sharing. :) Sounds like another fun trip.

  8. Cheesecake Factory is one of our favorite dinner destinations. Everything is so yummy!

  9. Geez, there are so many TV series I've missed, living on this side of the pond, TWD looks interesting!

    And so does that cheescake! O.O :D

  10. Yum, cheesecake! I have had NO SUGAR since Jan 1st! I miss cheesecake! Great crafty haul! I love the Klassine. Such a great product.

  11. So happy you're home safe and sound :) I live cheesecake factory!! It's Abie's favorite!! I've seen those glassine bags before and I'll be looking for your projects... :)

  12. danke für deinen lieben kommentar auf you tube, liebe tracy...vielleicht magst du auf meinem blog auch schauen...bei dir ist es ja sehr interessant....
    liebe grüsse aus berlin...

  13. Oh the Cheesecake Factory! I love that place, and the portions are gigantic!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your show :)

  14. Glad you got home safely! Love those fabulous stamps and that cheese cake looks delicious. Andy has been to The Cheesecake Factory, many moons ago and I remember him saying that the portions were huge! Have a great week.

  15. Looks like you got some fun goodies! Yummy Cheesecake Factory. We have to. Go out of state to find one though!

  16. Oh and glassine embossed so nicely!


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